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Adding notes before an in-text citation

You may want to add a note before an in-text citation, for example, when referring to a source quoted in another work.

To insert text before an in-text citation:

  • Click within the citation in the Word document, then select Edit & Manage Citations. The Edit & Manage Citations Window will appear.

  • Type the text to be added before the citation in the Prefix box (located in the bottom frame in this window), ensuring that a space is included at the end of the text (to separate the added text from the citation), then OK.

In the beginning feathers had nothing to do with flight. They may have insulated the body, providing camouflage, or attracted mates. Some scientists think feathered dinosaurs began to fly by gliding (see for example Gerbaux and Hadni 1998; Guerrak 1998), others argue that the motion of lunging for prey became a flight stroke (Civitelli 1998). New fossils from China …


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