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Identifying and deleting duplicate references from your Library

As your Library grows, and especially if you are importing references from databases, you may find that some references are duplicated.  EndNote identifies a reference as a duplicate if it shares the same reference type, author, year of publication and title as another reference within the Library.

To identify and delete duplicate references:

  • Ensure that all references are showing in the Library Window - click All References in the Groups Panel or References < Show All References.
  • Select References > Find Duplicates
  • A temporary "Duplicate References" group is displayed in the Groups Panel. The Find Duplicates Window compares duplicates side by side, highlighting differences in records, so that you can select which one you want to keep.
  • Click Keep This Record for each record you want to retain in your Library. Records not selected are automatically moved to the Trash.


Imported references from databases can also be automatically deleted during the download process.

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