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Improving consistency and accuracy with Term Lists

A Term List is a list of all the entries or terms in a particular EndNote field. EndNote automatically creates Term Lists for the author, journal, and keyword fields. Term Lists are linked to the corresponding fields, so each time you enter a term into one of these fields, the term is automatically added to the corresponding Term List.

Term Lists are specific to a particular Library, and are stored with that Library.

  • As you type text into one of these fields, EndNote finds the closest matching term in the list and suggests that as the term to be entered. Continue typing until EndNote suggests the correct term, then press <Enter> or <Tab> to accept.

  • If your text appears in red font this indicates that what you are entering is a new term, and it will be added to the Term List once you close the reference.


EndNote comes with 12 term lists for journal titles and their abbreviations which can be imported into your Library. However, you can create a Term List for any field included in EndNote.

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