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Creating customised fields

If you need to store additional information about a reference, such as quotes, a course code, or comments you have about an item, you can create a customised field just for that purpose. To add a customised field:

  • Select Edit > Preferences > Reference Types from the left side of the Preferences Window, then Modify Reference Types.  The template for each reference may be selected from the drop down list at the top of the Modify Reference Types Window
  • Within the Journal Article template, scroll down to one of the Custom fields, then type your field name, for example, Course Code, in the cell to the immediate right. 
  • This new field must be included within each of the Reference Type templates - select Apply to All Reference Types to apply across all templates, then OK.

View a Demonstration

Once you have created a customized field you can then display this field as a column heading in the Library Window. Also consider using Custom Groups to organise your references.

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