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Tips on importing references into EndNote

The import of references from databases into EndNote is not an exact science. No matter which method is used, problems can and do occur. It is important to check the quality of your references at the point of transfer.
When references are imported into your Library they are displayed in an Imported References Group (this provides an opportunity to check the quality of records). Select All References (in the Groups Panel) to view all the references in your Library.
Databases often use different keywords or subject headings to describe the same concept. Use EndNote's Term Lists to create ‘standardised’ keywords.
Add the name of the database, and the date searched, to your imported references. This is very handy if you need to return to the database for any reason later on.
As your library grows it is important to check for duplicates.
You can check for updates to references in your Library.
You can attach full text documents and images to your Library.
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