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EndNote Tutorial

About this Tutorial

This EndNote Tutorial was developed by Library staff at the University of Newcastle, and is designed to provide an introduction to using EndNote.

Whilst the information in this Tutorial has been developed from a Windows perspective, like EndNote itself, much of the detail is transferable to the Macintosh environment.

A number of demonstration movies are included within each Module.

Learning Outcomes

The Tutorial is divided into four modules, covering the following learning outcomes.

Getting Started

  • Identify the benefits of using EndNote
  • Create an EndNote Library
  • Manually add references to your Library, using the appropriate reference type
  • Observe the guidelines for entering data into EndNote fields
  • Identify the elements of an EndNote Library Window.

Transferring from Databases

  • Direct Export references from library databases into EndNote
  • Use Import Filters to transfer references saved from a database into your EndNote Library
  • Use a connection file to connect to, and search NEWCAT from your EndNote library
  • Locate and download additional import filters and connection files if necessary
  • Check the quality of records transferred from databases using one of the above methods, and edit them as necessary.

EndNote and Word

  • Use the Cite While You Write commands in Word and EndNote to insert references from your EndNote Library into a Word document
  • Use the Style Manager and the Format Bibliography command to select appropriate reference styles
  • Edit citations in Word documents, to include notes or page numbers, or exclude author names or publication year
  • Create independent bibliographies and annotated bibliographies for your assignments.

Managing your Library

  • Customise your Library, and in particular:
    • set a default library to open whenever EndNote is opened
    • change the Library Window display
    • create customised fields to store quotes, course codes, etc
    • create groups of references
    • add text to multiple references simultaneously
    • change EndNote fonts
    • change the default Reference Type
  • Search the content of an EndNote Library
  • Add full text documents and images to your Library
  • Identify and delete duplicate references from your Library
  • Use Term Lists to improve consistency and accuracy in your Library
  • Make a back up of your library.


This Tutorial is accompanied by a comprehensive glossary. A large range of words and terms are indexed to assist the user and support the context of the information being provided. Go to the glossary.


Within Modules

Example of module menu

Each module page includes a menu with links to key sections within the module.


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Previous and Next buttons are located at the bottom right of each screen to move backward and forward within the module.

View a Demonstration

This button indicates that a demonstration is available covering the concepts presented. The demonstration will be launched in a separate Browser Window.


Between Modules

Getting StartedTransferring from DatabasesEndNote and WordManaging your Library

Tabs to navigate between modules are located at the top right of each of the module pages.


To print pages within the tutorial, please select the paper orientation format for 'landscape'. Printing in 'portrait' format will not print the entire page content.

The tutorial has many pop-up new browser windows which contain additional information or tips. Each of these smaller windows includes a print button located on the top right-hand side of the screen enabling you to print.


We welcome and value your feedback and comments on the Tutorial. We invite you to complete our short evaluation form. You can provide feedback on one or all modules.

Original Project Team

Debbie Booth
Michael Carr
Susan Day
Helen Lloyd
Ann Stokes

2013 Update

Debbie Booth
Alicia Brand

Please contact us if you have any queries about this Tutorial.


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