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Staff Desktop Environment

University computing facilities must generally be used for business, academic or student related activities only. Users may only use authorised facilities for authorised purposes. For example, personal computers made available for staff should not be used for private use, eg personal music or video files etc.

Hardware and software computing environments at the University are managed and delivered via the Managed Operating Environment (MOE).

The MOE consists of the following major components:

  1. Desktop Hardware

    Package configurations available for purchase with University funds can be viewed at the eRequisitions page and ordered via TechnologyOne (login required).

  2. Desktop Operating Systems

    The supported Operating Systems are Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac OSX.
    Operating systems outside these standards will be considered for users of scientific and high performance computers.

  3. Desktop Applications

    Applications will be packaged, tested and delivered remotely, where possible.

  4. Desktop Computing Environment Management

    Desktop imaging, software delivery, patch management, remote control and inventory management will be handled using Altiris (a desktop management tool) and other applications, for example, Windows Software Update Services. This will be underpinned by standard, defined and replicated processes used to install desktop hardware, software applications and printers. The ongoing supported will delivered using these methods.

Citrix Upgrade User Document

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