Staff backup options

Data files are generally only saved to your local hard drive and are not automatically backed up.

IT Services provides centralised network based storage that is backed up on a regular basis, and is accessible from multiple locations across our campuses.

Each staff member is given a personal workspace (U:\ drive - 1GB capacity) and access to a shared workspace for collaborative or group work (usually S:\ drive). These drives are for University related material only.

Accessing and copying files to your U:\ and S:\ drives
Additional U:\ space can be requested by contacting the17triplezero IT Service Desk.

Staff are responsible for the backup of all University related data. It is your responsibility to make backup copies of these files.

What to backup

  1. All data files
  2. GroupWise archive
  3. Web browser bookmarks

Contact the Records Management Office for advice on your obligations under the State Records Act 1998 (NSW).

There is no need to backup applications or programs installed by IT Services as part of the Managed Operating Environment (MOE).

Where to back up

  1. Copy files to U:\ OR S:\ drive
  2. Copy to USB thumb or hard drive
  3. Burn a copy to CD or DVD
  4. Print a copy of the document

Data Storage & Backup Options for Staff


Data storage diagram

The likelihood of recovering files is increased with multiple copies in multiple locations on different media.