Corporate Planning at UoN

The Corporate Planning Cycle refers to the ongoing process of planning and implementing the actions required to address the strategic priorities outlined in our NeW Directions Strategic Plan 2013-2015.

The University of Newcastle Corporate Planning Cycle is key to the successful implementation of the NeW Directions Strategic Plan 2013-2015.

The cycle brings together strategic and operational planning activities across three levels:

1. University
2. Faculty/Division, and
3. School/Unit levels.

Having a structured process is important as it helps to achieve a consistent approach to planning across the University and provides staff with the opportunity to have their say in how their work area can contribute to the achievement of our strategic priorities.
This means that the daily activities of all our staff are supported, relevant and rewarding.

Stages of the Cycle

A part of the Corporate Planning Cycle sets an annual timeframe of activities across four stages:

  • The first stage involves a period of performance review at all levels of the University, from individual staff discussions within the Performance Development Framework, to executive review of the Strategic and Corporate Plans
  • In the second stage, PQR report on our overall performance for the previous year, while reflecting and considering the University priority strategies for the upcoming year
  • The third stage assigns a period of planning activity to review and update Faculty/Division Corporate Plans, including budgeting and resource allocation.
    Individual performance progress discussions also occur between managers and staff to monitor individual progress and contribution to their School/Unit level plans.
  • The fourth stage signals the implementation and evaluation for the upcoming year. The UoN Corporate Plan endorsed by Council and the KPIs and targets are set for the next year. Faculty and Division Corporate Plans are disseminated to Schools and Units, and feedback from mid-year staff performance discussions is finalised.

To find out more, read our Corporate Planning Frequently Asked Questions

For assistance with your corporate planning, contact Anne Young (Director) Strategy, Planning and Performance or Jacquie Davidson (Planning and Quality Officer) Strategy, Planning and Performance.