Before you change your password in NUaccess you can actively help prevent being locked out of University systems by completing a few simple checks.

Your password may be saved in a number of locations, on multiple computers or devices, and in different software applications.

Follow the checklist below so that possible instances of your old password are deleted. This will ensure all account details are sychronised when you create your new password in NUaccess.

Wireless Mobile Devices How

Disconnect any wireless device that connects to the University of Newcastle wireless network (

iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

Settings > WiFi > > Forget this network > Forget
Smart phones (Android, Blackberry, HP Web): Settings > Wireless and Network > WiFi Settings > > Forget
Laptops Control Panel > Network Connections > Wireless Network Connection > delete
Home Computers How
Home computers or off-campus computers accessing University accounts and databases

Sophos home use installation

Changing your password within Sophos
Web browsers

Internet Explorer
Tools > Internet Options > General > Delete >Ensure Passwords option is ticked > Delete

Tools > Options > Security > Saved Passwords > Highlight and remove any University of Newcaslte sites

Safari Preferences > Autofill icon > Edit button next to Username and passwords >  Highlight and remove any University of Newcastle sites


NOTE: This list may not be complete.

Locked Password
If you are locked out of any of your University of Newcastle accounts please contact the 17triplezero IT Service Desk who will reset your password for you.

Once you have completed the checklist above, you can change your password in Nuaccess by performing the following steps:

1. Disconnect all mobile devices from the wireless network and “forget” the network (as above);
2. Logout of all applications including Citrix sessions;
3. Log into NUaccess at using your existing username and password;
4. Follow the prompts to change your password and answer authentication questions;
5. Optionally reset your HROnline password by clicking on the relevant tab;
6. After changing your password, logout of NUaccess and restart your computer;
7. Update all locations where your password may be stored, e.g. iPhone, home PC, email client, etc.

If you are unable to change your password, please call the 17triplezero IT Service Desk on +61 2 492 17000 for assistance.