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NUaccess is the University of Newcastle's computer account management service.

NUaccess enables and restricts access to online facilities and resources depending on your relationship with the University.

NUaccess provides greater privacy protection, and includes added security measures common in the online world. 

Staff and students who are new to the University must accept the terms and conditions of use before any account access is enabled.

NUaccess and passwords

NUaccess provides a self-service password reset facility if you have forgotten or want to change your password.

To take advantage of the reset facility, you must first answer a set of authentication questions.  When you next use the self-service password reset, you will be asked to answer a randomly selected subset of the authentication questions.

The authentication questions, along with a series of strict password rules, will help protect you from security breaches.

Login to NUaccess

Remember, you may be held accountable for actions that arise from the misuse of your account/s.