Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC)

On 2 May 2007 Academic Senate approved the change of name from the Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Committee to the Teaching and Learning Committee.

The Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) is a committee of the Academic Senate. The Committee has primary responsibility to advise on strategic policy, planning and quality assurance in relation to curriculum matters and teaching and learning including:

  • teaching and learning policies, procedures and practices for enabling, undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs and courses;
  • improving access, participation, retention and success for all students;
  • continual improvement and review of the quality of academic programs and constituent courses;
  •  a policy framework designed to promote academic integrity; and
  • continuation of high academic standards and the relevance of academic policies to students.

To assist it in its work the Committee has the following sub-committee:

  • The Student Progress Sub-Committee is responsible for determining appeals made by individual students under the provisions of the Procedures for Review of Progress and advises the TLC of outcomes.

Each Faculty also has a Teaching and Learning Committee which reports to and advises the Pro Vice-Chancellor and the Faculty Board for the respective Faculty. The Assistant Dean (Teaching and Learning) chairs the Faculty committee and is a member of the University committee.

The University of Newcastle's teaching and learning environment leads the higher education sector in many areas. One of the clearest indicators of a university's success is the calibre of its students and graduates. Year after year, the University of Newcastle's students and graduates make their mark on the regional, national and international stages.