AQF Steering Committee

The AQF Steering Committee was established by the Academic Senate in April 2011 in response to the Commonwealth Government's strengthening of the AQF.

The Steering Committee is responsible for identification of the implications of the Strengthened AQF and the University's compliance by 2015.

 To assist it in its work the Committee has the following working party: The AQF Project Group 

 Each Faculty also has working party which reports to and advises the AQF Project Group that in turn reports to   the AQF Steering Committee.

For ongoing discussions on the AQF project please proceed to the AQF Discussion Forum

Background Information on the AQF

The AQF was first introduced in 1995 to underpin the national system of qualifications in Australia encompassing higher education, vocational education and training and schools

The objectives of the AQF are to provide a contemporary and flexible framework that:

  • accommodates the diversity of purposes of Australian education and training now and into the future
  • contributes to national economic performance by supporting contemporary, relevant and nationally consistent qualification outcomes which build confidence in qualifications
  • supports the development and maintenance of pathways which provide access to qualifications and assist people to move easily and readily between different education and training sectors and between those sectors and the labour market
  • supports individuals' lifelong learning goals by providing the basis for individuals to progress through education and training and gain recognition for their prior learning and experiences
  • underpins national regulatory and quality assurance arrangements for education and training
  • supports and enhances the national and international mobility of graduates and workers through increased recognition of the value and comparability of Australian qualifications
  • enables the alignment of the AQF with international qualifications frameworks

It is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training and incorporates the qualifications from each education and training sector into a single comprehensive national qualifications framework.