Offshore Teaching Checklist

We have prepared a checklist for staff teaching offshore. This checklist is designed to assist you to organise your travel effectively and in line with University guidelines.

The checklist is divided into three sections:

Before You Go


  • Ensure you are familiar with the University's travel policy and procedure
  • Check the DFAT website for any travel advisories or warnings that may apply to your intended destinations
  • Obtain pre-approval via Trobexis international travel approval process
  • Arrange for all teaching, examining and administrative duties during the offshore period to be covered
  • Prepare and post or e-mail course materials ahead; allow 4-6 weeks for these to arrive
  • Obtain confirmation that materials have arrived

Purchasing Card

  • If you do not have a purchasing card, arrange for one through Spendvision
  • Check if you are travelling to a country that has limited purchasing card acceptance. If so, arrange for other means for payment.
  • Use your purchasing card for any cab charges

Passports, Visas and Accommodation

  • Ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months
  • Make travel and accommodation arrangements through the approved travel consultant company (STA Travel)
  • Make any necessary visa applications
  • If you have not booked your accommodation through the approved travel consultant, inform the consultant where you are staying so your accommodation details can be included in the 'Where are they?' reports
  • Copy all important documents, such as passport,, visas, accommodation and flight information, and place these in a different bag from the originals
  • Familiarise yourself with the conditions of your travel insurance

Update Phone and Email

  • Change messages on your telephone and email to indicate you are away and advise when you will return
  • If you will be travelling for more than five days, get a travel diary
  • Remember to change your mobile phone for international calling

Notify Supervisor and Host

  • Notify your supervisor and colleagues at the University of any missed meetings
  • Provide your supervisor with a copy of your itinerary
  • Notify your host of your arrival time, schedule and any other special needs

While You Are Away

  • Familiarise yourself with how you will manage the currency and payments in your host country
  • Keep all receipts, tickets and boarding passes to acquit as business related expenses in Spendvision
  • Airport departure tax must be paid in local currency, so keep receipts
  • Remember that the hotel front desk will often require a purchasing card when checking in to your accommodation
  • Monitor your purchasing card to prevent skimming
  • Keep your travel diary up-to-date

On Your Return

  • Acquit all purchasing card expenses for your travel in Spendvision
  • Organise all your ticket stubs, boarding passes and receipts
  • Apply through Spendvision for any required reimbursements (excluding airfares)
  • Ensure supporting documentation is provided with all claims
  • Remove international calling on your mobile phone
  • Check and complete your travel diary
  • Obtain confirmation of the number of actual teaching days you have completed
  • Report as necessary