Driver's Licence Details Form

The University of Newcastle requires that all persons who drive a University of Newcastle-registered vehicle supply information to complete the following form. This information will be used to transfer the Infringement notice from the University of Newcastle to the person responsible for the offence.

Drivers Licence Form

Vehicle Log Sheet

Log book records will be used to identify the driver of the vehicle at the time of an offence. Failure to complete the form will disqualify you from driving University of Newcastle vehicles. Please download, print and complete the following PDF form to log all details of motor vehicle usage and return completed form to Commercial Services.

Vehicle Running Sheet

Vehicle Usage - Inspection Record

The vehicle Inspection Record may be used by Vehicle Custodians to record the condition of the vehicle. Commercial Services suggest this is stored with the motor vehicle running sheet so that when drivers collect a vehicle, they can cross reference the condition of the vehicle as known by the custodian with the actual vehicle conditions. If there are any inconsistencies, drivers should discuss with vehicle custodians immediately before removing the vehicle from its allocated bay.

Vehicle Inspection Record

Vehicle Usage Authorisation Form

The Vehicle Usage Authorisation Form is required to satisfy the requirements of item number 7.12 of the new Delegation Schedule: Procurement, Purchasing and Expenditure which states that Financial Delegate Level 3 or higher is required to approve the use of University Vehicles for University Business travel.

The form is required to be completed if you are using a University Vehicle for University Business travel.

All pool vehicle usage requires the completion of this form.

Vehicle Usage Authorisation Form

For more information, please contact Commercial Services at