Turnitin for students

Turnitin is a tool that you can use to improve your academic literacy skills. Often you are encouraged to refer to other people's ideas in your essays and reports and attribute (or reference) them appropriately. Sometimes, through lack of referencing skills, you may inadvertently use another person's work or not reference the work properly. In some cases, this may be referred to as "plagiarism".

Turnitin is a program designed to assist in detecting these errors, and can allow you to revise your work before final submission for assessment. The program can assist your referencing skills development using the "Turnitin Originality Report"..

Turnitin is not the only solution to developing referencing skills. A lot of practice, asking for advice from your lecturer/tutor, referring to your course manual, working through the InfoSkills modules, or attending sessions through the Learning Development Program - are all avenues to help you develop your academic writing skills.

The following resources will help you to submit your work to Turnitin: