The objectives of the program are to ...

  • Implement an automated solution to satisfy the academic integrity principles agreed by the Teaching and Learning Committee in March 2010, these being:
    • All students are to satisfactorily complete at least one academic integrity module within the first year of their enrolment (for all undergraduates, transferring students and postgraduates)
    • Satisfactory completion of the academic integrity module must be recorded in NUSTAR.
    • The content of the academic integrity module must cover those details listed in the current Student Academic Integrity Policy (academic fraud, research misconduct, plagiarism, SAMR etc).
  • Provide a single point of entry University-wide Academic Integrity solution for all commencing students with universally applied penalties for non-completion.
  • Provide a solution that can be enhanced to incorporate program-specific Academic Integrity requirements at a later date.

The benefits will be ...

  • All students undertake an Academic Integrity Module (AIM) within their first year of study resulting in:
  • An increased awareness of and supporting a reduction in the incidence of plagiarism and other forms of academic fraud.
  • All faculties and programs complying with related University rules and policies.
  • The AIM is managed via a central system, therefore:
  • All students’ records are consistently recorded
  • Penalties for non-completion are consistently applied.
  • Students studying programs across faculties no longer need to undertake multiple AIMs.
  • Staff workload for the management of the AIM is reduced because:
  • The completion of the AIM is automatically recorded against the student’s record.
  • Penalties for non-completion are automatically applied.
  • The student experience of Academic Integrity is improved because:
  • The AIM provides a single point of access for all students.
  • The AIM is consistently communicated across all students and incorporated into the standard student enrolment process.

The impacts are:

  • Successful completion will be automatically stored against their student record in NUSTAR.
  • A ‘hold’ will be placed on the student’s record in NUSTAR if the University AIM is not completed within the designated period.
  • This will prevent the student from re-enrolling, viewing their exam results or transcript, or graduating, until they successfully complete the module.