How do we prioritise your request?

Incident Management and Prioritisation

Each incident logged is allocated a unique reference number and assigned a priority so IT Services can plan and allocate work, especially in busy periods.  Each priority has target times relating to response and resolution, which have been agreed under a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between IT Services Management and the University.  The priority of an incident is determined by its impact and urgency, which is assigned by the Service Desk Analyst.

Impact relates to the impact the incident has on the business (at the University level) e.g. the number of users affected or the importance of the service to the University.

Impact Level Definition
Extensive Widespread user impact;
or whole organisation affected;
or business-critical (P1) service affected
Significant Multiple users or locations affected;
or performance of business function(s) severely degraded for multiple users or locations
Limited Single user unable to perform the majority of their job functions;
or performance of non-critical business function(s) degraded for some users or locations
Local Single user affected with minimal impact on their job functions

Urgency is a measure of how severely the user's work process is affected which influences the timeframe that is required to solve the incident.

Urgency Level Definition
Immediate No workaround exists - users are unable to perform primary job functions;
or critical business deadline today
Medium No workaround exists - users can continue working on other tasks;
or critical business deadline within 5 business days
Low Workaround can be provided;
or no critical business deadline within 5 business days

The Impact/Urgency Matrix below is used to determine the priority of the incident:

Local Limited Significant Extensive
Urgency Immediate Priority 4 Priority 3 Priority 2 Priority 1
Medium Priority 4 Priority 4 Priority 3 Priority 2
Low Priority 4 Priority 4 Priority 4 Priority 3

Resolution Matrix

Priority Definition Target Resolution Time
1 Critical - reserved for Service Desk 4 business hours
2 High 1 business day
3 Medium 1 business week
4 Low 2 business weeks


LANDesk WebDesk 7.4 Administrator Guide
Updated 30 July 2013