TIMELINE: 1791-1820






  • escaped convicts, William and Mary Bryant, thought to have located Glenrock Lagoon
  • Lt. John Shortland lands on the southern shore of the Hunter River
  • the Hunter sails to Bengal with the first coal exports from Newcastle
  • August: William Reid locates Lake Macquarie, sailing into the channel after mistaking it for the Hunter River
  • November: the Norfolk wrecked on Stockton Beach
  • Paterson, Grant and Barrallier explorer the lower Hunter River on the Lady Nelson, seeing "the fires of the natives and many individuals"
  • June: first settlement formed at the mouth of the Hunter River under M. Mason; abandoned February 1802
  • November: Superintendent Mason reports hostile encounters with Aborigines on the Hunter River, and the theft of two blankets by one man, thought to be under the influence of alcohol
  • March: second settlement at `King's Town' (Newcastle) formed under Charles Menzies with 34 Irish convicts implicated in the Castle Hill uprising; thereafter a "place for the reception of desperate characters" and "choice rogues"
  • May: six Aboriginal men from Newcastle taken to Sydney to meet Governor King
  • January: Governor Lachlan Macquarie inspects the Newcastle settlement
  • Benjamin Singleton marks a route a land route from Sydney to Newcastle
  • Governor Lachlan Macquarie makes the second of three tours of Newcastle; meets "Burigan, King of the Newcastle native tribe" and 40 men, women and children, who entertain with a short "Carauberee"; "I ordered them to be treated with some grog and an allowance of maize".
  • September 18: convict Henry Langton receives 75 lashes at Newcastle for "Cutting a black native with a knife"
  • November: John Howe marks a route from Windsor to the Hunter River near Jerrys Plains
  • January: Commissioner J.T. Bigge inspects the Newcastle penal settlement
  • October: death of King Burrigan of the Newcastle tribe, from injuries sustained in the recapture of the convicts James Kirby and James Thompson
  • October 28: three convicts, Robert Davis, Thomas Franklin and William Page flogged for `Inhumanely ill treating and cutting a black native and intimidating him against bringing in bushrangers'
  • December: trial and execution in Sydney of James Kirby for the murder of King Burrigan


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