The Editors of the Awaba database would like to acknowledge the contributions of the many people who have provided the funds, time, knowledge and skill which have made this project possible.

Funding for the project was supported by a Research Infrastructure Block Grant of $7,200 for the Aboriginal Missions and Reserves Database to Hilary Carey, John Maynard, Vicki Grieves and John Ramsland. This was supplemented by an additional $10,000 from the Faculty of Education and Arts for administrative support to Hilary Carey. David Roberts completed the bulk of the research and writing for the project. Susan West transcribed the Awabakal Gospel of St. Mark, and Hilary Carey acted as overall project organiser. Vicki Grieves coordinated community liaison, facilitating meetings at Wollotuka which advanced the project. Professor John Lester and John Heath from Wollotuka School of Aboriginal Studies also provided us with valuable advice and support.

We are indebted to Gionni Di Gravio of the Auchmuty Library's ARBSC Unit for allowing us full access to the rich collection of digitised sources relating to Aborigines in the Hunter region which he has compiled. We also thank the Faculty of Education and Arts web team, Geoff Burrows, who is responsible for design, and Rebecca Buchanan for her overall advice and supervision of the Awaba website.

We are honoured to acknowledge the involvement and interest of contemporary Awabakal descendants of Margaret and Ned, Leah Armstrong, Nola Hawken and Kerrie Brauer, Dene Hawken and James Brauer.

We would also like to acknowledge the enthusiasm and input of other people, including Ms Carol Ridgeway-Bisset, a senior Maaiangal custodian, for discussions of those materials relating to the Port Stephens area, Mr Ray Kelly of the Awabakal Aboriginal medical Service and Mr Ron Gordon of the Awabakal Land Council.

    David Andrew Roberts
    Hilary M. Carey
    Vicki Grieves

    Awaba Editors