2009 New Items



 Social standards at school program 
  Q372.37 KINN


 Australian baby hands [videorecording]
  419 AUST

Learning to hear [videorecording] / Cooper Rock Pictures, Inc. ; produced in association with W Network ... [et al.] ; produced, directed and written by Lori Kuffner  
362.42092 LEAR

 Plan F [videorecording] / produced and directed by Casey Hayward  
 362.41092 PLAN

 What professionals need to know for cochlear implant rehabilitation [videorecording] Vol. 1 / Jill L. Bader, Allison Biever, Aziza Hydari Tyabji  
617.882 BADE


  The art of helping others : being around, being there, being wise / Heather Smith and Mark K Smith  
 158.3 SMIT  

 Children's speech sound disorders / Caroline Bowen  
 618.92855 BOWE-1

  Developmental milestones of young children / Karen Petty    
 Q305.231 PETT  

 Discipline in special education / Allan G. Osborne, Jr., Charles J. Russo  
 371.9 OSBO

 Foundations of special education : an introduction / by Michael Farrell 
 371.9 FARR 

Make the day matter! : promoting typical lifestyles for adults with significant disabilities / by Pamela M. Walker and Patricia Rogan with invited contributors  
  362.4048 WALK

  Ordinary families, special children : a systems approach to childhood disability / Milton Seligman, Rosalyn Benjamin Darling    
362.4043083 SELI 2007

  Orientation and mobility methods : techniques for independent travel / compilers Lil Deverell, Sharon Taylor, Janet Prentice
 Q362.4109945 ORIE

  Secrets of the teenage brain : research-based strategies for reaching and teaching today's adolescents / Sheryl G. Feinstein    373.180973 FEIN

  Teaching infants, toddlers, and twos with special needs / Clarissa Willis  
  Q371.90472 WILL



Floortime DVD training series. 1, The basics : relating and communicating [videorecording] / The Floortime Foundation  
Q618.9285882 FLOO  Series 1

Sound beginnings [kit] / Linda Crumrine, Eileen Harris
Q372.465 CRUM


Critical bridges [videorecording] : meeting challenges at points of transition in education by working together / Disability Council of New South Wales and NSW Department of Education and Training
371.909944 CRIT

M.O.R.E. [videorecording] : integrating the mouth with sensory and postural functions / by Patricia Oetter, Eileen W. Richter  
618.92 OETT 2004

Peek-a-boo, I see you [videorecording] : assessment of visual efficiency in babies and young children / Shaw, R. (Executive Producer), & Qui?nes, H. (Producer)  
618.92097715 SHAW


Best practices in literacy instruction / Linda B. Gambrell, Lesley Mandel Morrow, Michael Pressley, editors ; foreword by John T. Guthrie   
372.6 BEST  

Classroom management for all teachers : plans for evidence-based practice / Ennio Cipani
371.102 CIPA  

Common-sense classroom management for special education teachers, grades 6-12 / Jill A. Lindberg ... [et al.]    
Q373.11024 KELL  

Distinguishing disability : parents, privilege, and special education / Colin Ong-Dean
371.9 DEAN

Hands of my father : a hearing boy, his deaf parents, and the language of love / Myron Uhlberg
306.874092 UHLB

More inclusion strategies that work! : aligning student strengths with standards / Toby J. Karten
Q371.90460973 Kart

Inclusion strategies that work! : research-based methods for the classroom / Toby J. Karten
Q371.90460973 KART-1

Playtime : activities for little children that can make a big difference / Elspeth & Fiona Richards
649.5 RICH

Preventing problem behaviors : a handbook of successful prevention strategies / Bob Algozzine, Pam Kay, editors ; foreword by Jane Knitzer
371.1024 ALGO

Qualitative research : a guide to design and implementation / Sharan B. Merriam
370.72 MERR



Dreams made real [videorecording] : into the mainstream
649.1512 DREA-2

Small talk [kit] : a package for families with a new baby / The Ear Foundation  
617.89 SMAL


Beyond expectations [videorecording] : employees with a disability / director, Mark Sanders
331.59 BEYO 

K94-U2C : Royal Society for the Blind Guide Dogs Skills Program 2008
362.41 ROYA-1

Make a difference everyday [electronic resource] / produced by the Oberkotter Foundation Film Team in association with Spellbound Productions, Inc
371.912 MAKE

The Odyssey ... journey of enrichment and possibility / a conference hosted by the Institute for Family Advocacy and Leadership Development, October 2007
362.4 ODYS


Action-packed classrooms, K-5 : using movement to educate and invigorate learners / Cathie Summerford ; foreword by John Joseph Ratey
372.86 SUMM

Australasian education directory
RJ370.9940005 A2

Deaf people around the world : educational and social perspectives / Donald F. Moores and Margery S. Miller
371.912 MOOR-2

Deaf subjects : between identities and places / Brenda Jo Breuggemann
305.9082 BRUE

Duncan the guide dog / by Tina Mintz, illustrated by Marielle Tardif
362.41 MINT

The encounter / written by Carl Olson, cartoon illustrations by Gene Acosta
362.41 OLSON 

Ethics and newborn genetic screening : new technologies, new challenges / edited by Mary Ann Baily and Thomas H. Murray
618.92/0042 ETHI

Functional visual behavior in children : an occupational therapy guide to evaluation and treatment options / Michele Gentile, editor
Q617.7 GENT-1 2005

How to write a master's thesis / Yvonne Bui  
808.02 BUI

The interactive whiteboard revolution : teaching with IWBS / Chris Betcher and Mal Lee
371.33 BETC

Introduction to research methods in education / Keith F. Punch
370.72 PUNC

Life after hearing loss : telling it like it is / Val Tait
362.1978 TAIT

Successful transition programs : pathways for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities / John McDonnell, Michael L. Hardman
371.9 McDo

Visual impairment in young children : information for early childhood specialists / based on CLAS Technical Report #7, by Deborah Chen.
Q371.911 CHEN-1



Assessment in speech-language pathology : a resource manual /Kenneth G. Shipley, Julie G. McAfee
Q616.855 SHIP 2009

Controversies in central auditory processing disorder / edited by Anthony T. Cacace and Dennis J. McFarland
617.8 CACA

Disability and impairment : working with children and families / Peter Burke
362.4 BURK

Home talk : a family assessment of children who are deafblind
Q362.41 HOME

How to support and teach children with special educational needs / Veronica Birkett
Q371.90430941 BIRK

How to understand and support children with hearing difficulties / Wendy Brown
Q371.9046 BROW

Inclusion for all teachers : teaching students with special needs in local schools and special education settings / by KLIK Enterprises
Q371.9046 KLIK

Inclusion strategies for young children : a resource guide for teachers, child care providers, and parents / Lorraine O. Moore
362.4 MOOR

Inclusive programming for elementary students with autism / Sheila Wagner
371.94 WAGN

Just the same on the inside : understanding diversity and supporting inclusion in circle time / stories by Juan Bornman and Barbara Maines ; activities by Margaret Collins ; illustrations by Simon Smith
371.9046 BORN

The language of children / Julia Gillen
401.93 GILL

Language and deafness / Peter V. Paul
371.912 PAUL 2009

Response to intervention : a practical guide for every teacher / William N. Bender, Cara Shores
371.9 BEND-3

Supporting language and literacy development in the early years / Marian Whitehead
372.60941 WHIT 2009

What every special educator must know : the ethics, standards, and guidelines for special educators
Q379.157 COUN 2003


CD-ROMS and Videos

Environmental control [videorecording] : independence at home for people with a disability/Ability Technology
362.40483 ABIL 

MyRead [electronic resource] : strategies for teaching reading in the middle years
372.41 MYRE

LH materials [electronic resource] : vision assessment of children / by Lea Hyvärinen
618.920977 HYVA-2 

The state of our public hospitals, June 2008 report[electronic resource]
362.110994 STAT 2008

Willingdon Primary School [videorecording] : changing places
371.9126 WILL


Evals [kit] : evaluating visually impaired students using alternate learning standards emphasizing the expanded core curriculum
371.911 EVAL


All about Braille : reading by touch / LauraS. Jeffrey
411 JEFF  

Autism spectrum disorders: interventions and treatments for children and youth / Richard L. Simpson with coauthors Sonja R. de Boer-Ott ...[et al.]
371.94 SIMP

Community adversity and resilience : the distribution of social disadvantage in Victoria and New South Wales and the mediating role of social cohesion / Tony Vinson
Q362.50994 VINS

Design meets disability / Graham Pullin
745.2 PULL

From birth to five years : children's developmental progress / Mary D. Sheridan
155.422 SHER 2008

Handbook of clinical audiology / editor-in-chief, Jack Katz ; editors, Robert Burkard, Linda Hood,Larry Medwetsky
Language and communication disorders in children / Deena K. Bernstein,Ellenmorris Tiegerman-Farber
618.92855 BERN 2009

Making inclusion work : effective practices for all teachers / John Beattie, LuAnn Jordan,Bob Algozzine
371.9046 BEAT

Managing the cycle of acting-out behavior in the classroom/Geoff Colvin
371.1024 COLV 

Practical sensory programmes : for students with autism spectrum disorders/Sue Larkey
Q618.9285882 LARK 

The Report of the Review of Aboriginal Education = Yanigurra Muya : Ganggurrinyma Yaarri, Guurulaw Yirringin.gurray, Freeing the spirit: dreaming an equal future / New South Wales Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Incorporated and New South Wales Department of Education and Training
Q371.8299915 NEWS

Vision impairment and sign language / Annette Clarke, Alison Willis
617.712 CLAR

See, Sign and Say Series
419.94 HEAR



Auditory skills program for students with hearing impairment [kit]
371.912 AUDI 2008

Hands-on problem solving [kit] / Charity Rowland, Philip Schweigert
Q371.91 ROWL 1997

Let's talk [kit] / Charity Rowland, Philip Schweigert, Alexandra Dorinson
Q302.23 ROWL 1995

Let's talk [kit] / Charity Rowland, Philip Schweigert, Alexandra Dorinson
Q302.23 ROWL 2001


The new living body [videorecording]
612 NEWL 2002


Alphabet kids - from ADD to Zellweger syndrome : a guide to developmental, neurobiological and psychological disorders for parents and professionals / Robbie Woliver
618. 928588003 WOLI

Analysing sign language poetry / Rachel Sutton-Spence ; with the assistance of Paddy Ladd and Gillian Rudd
419 SUTT-2

Community adversity and resilience : the distribution of social disadvantage in Victoria and New South Wales and the mediating role of social cohesion / Tony Vinson
Q362.50994 VINS

From birth to five years : children's developmental progress / Mary D. Sheridan
155.422 SHER 2008

Helping children with complex needs bounce back : resilient therapy for parents and professionals / Kim Aumann and Angie Hart ; illustrations by Chloe Gerhardt
618.928917 AUMA

Learner English : a teacher's guide to interference and other problems / [edited by] Michael Swan and Bernard Smith
428.0071 LEAR

The little eye book : a pupil's guide to understanding ophthalmology / Janice K. Ledford
617.7 LEDF

The Oregon Project for preschool children who are blind or visually impaired / Sharon Anderson, Susan Boigon, Kristine Davis, Cheri deWaard
Q371.911 OREG 2007

A practical guide to pre-school inclusion / Chris Dukes and Maggie Smith ; illustrations by Simon Smith
Q371.90472 DUKE

Practical sensory programmes : for students with autism spectrum disorders / Sue Larkey
Q618.9285882 LARK

The Report of the Review of Aboriginal Education = Yanigurra Muya : Ganggurrinyma Yaarri, Guurulaw Yirringin.gurray, Freeing the spirit: dreaming an equal future / New South Wales Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Incorporated and New South Wales Department of Education and Training
Q371.8299915 NEWS

The sensory processing disorder answer book : practical answers to the top 250 questions parents ask / Tara Delaney
618.928 DELA

Special needs in the early years : snapshots of practice / edited by Sheila Wolfendale
371.90472 SPEC

What teachers need to know about learning difficulties / Peter Westwood
371.9043 WEST

WORKability II : solutions : people with disability in the open workplace : final report of the national inquiry into employment and disability / Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
331.590994 AUST



Action picture test / Catherine Renfrew
616.855075 RENF  

School learning pack [kit] : Braille bicentenary : for ages 5-7 years and 7-11 years - Key stages 1 and 2 / Royal National Institute for the Blind
411 SCHO


Lifetime of patience [videorecording] / concept developed by Dale Rudin ; parent participation coordinated by Annie Wade ; directed by Elyse Collins ; produced for the Texas School for the Blind by Public Address, Inc
649.151 LIFE

Power of the heart [videorecording]: a parent involvement story / executive producers, Dale Rudin, Annie Wade ; produced by Martha Boethel ; directed by Dale Rudin, Martha Boethel ; script by Martha Boethel ; sponsored by Texas School for the Blind
649.151 POWE


Australians working together: helping people to move forward: listening to the community
Q361.610994 AUST

Beery VMI developmental teaching activities : VMI foundations for arts, academics, and athletics : birth to age six / Keith E. Beery and Natasha A. Beery
Q155.412 BEER   

Beery VMI my book of letters and numbers with instructor's guide : VMI pencil and paper foundations for arts and academics / Keith E. Beery, Natasha A. Beery and Lorelei Evans
Q155.412 BEER-1  

Career education handbook : for applied academics / [design and layout: Brigitte Starkey]
Q371.911 CARE-1

Centrally focussed : the impact of age-related macular degeneration : a dynamic economic model and report / by Access Economics Pty Limited
Q362.1977350994 CENT  
Child care today: getting it right for everyone / Penelope Leach
362.7 LEAC
Commonsense methods for children with special educational needs / Peter Westwood
371.9046 WEST 2007 c.2

Doing action research in early childhood studies: a step by step guide / Glenda Mac Naughton and Patrick Hughes
305.23072 NAUG    

Disability at a glance: a profile of 28 countries and areas in Asia and the Pacific / United Nations ESCAP
362.4 UNIT

Guidelines for identification and management of infants and young children with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder
Q617.886 GUID

Quality indicators in special needs education : an international perspective / Judith Hollenweger, Simon Haskell (ed.)
371.9 QUAL

Services for children with a disability and their families: Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care (DADHC) : progress and future challenges : a special report to Parliament under s 31 of the Ombudsman Act 1974 / [NSW Ombudsman]
Q353.53609944 NSWO

Shaping the future : the experiences of blind and partially sighted children and young people in the UK: research report 1: research methodology and survey population
Q362.41083 COLE

Sign language acquisition / edited by Anne Baker and Bencie Woll
419.019 SIGN

Teach well, live well : strategies for success / John Luckner, Suzanne Rudolph
371.102 LUCK

There's something different about this place : local, national and global directions in community capacity building / Mission Australia
Q361.994 MISS

Transport and mobility for people with sight problems in the UK : the views of 1000 people with sight problems
Q362.418 BRUC

Young deaths : children with disabilities in care : a review of the deaths of eight children and young people at the Mannix Children's Centre / [report written by Catherine Mullane ; with assistance from Monica Wolf and Karen Price]
Q362.4099441 MULL




Me, too! / Marci J. Hanson and Paula J. Beckman
649.64 HANS


Routines [videorecording]: all dressed up and somewhere to go
362.4183 ROUT


A case for early childhood development in sub-Saharan Africa / by Alan Pence and Bame Nsamenang
Q372.21 PENC

Look what we found!: anecdotes, illustrations, quotations, speech sparklers, humour, wit and wisdom / compiled and edited by Peter Sumner
808.882 LOOK

The little green grammar book / Mark Tredinnick
428.2 TRED

Making evaluation meaningful: determining additional eligibilities and appropriate instructional strategies for blind and visually impaired students / Marnee Loftin, with contributions by Nan Bulla, Cyral Miller, Debra Sewell; layout and design by Linda L. Donovan
Q371.9111 LOFT

Occupational therapy for people with learning disabilities : a practical guide / [edited by] Jane Goodman, Jenni Hurst, Christine Locke; foreword by Vincenzo Petruzziello
615.8515 GOOD

On the same basis: implementing the Disability Discrimination Act standards for education / Australia. Dept. of Education and Children's Services
Q344.94230071 ONTH

Out of the corner of my eye: living with macular degeneration / Nicolette Pernot Ringgold
362.1977350092 RING

Portfolios: documenting a journey / Andrea Nolan and Bronwyn Reynolds
372.1272 NOLA

Positive behavior curriculum: for the inclusive classroom
Q371.393 POSI

A study of inclusive education and its effects on the teaching of biology to visually impaired learners [manuscript] / by M.O. Maguvhe
Q371.911 MAGU

Sensory processes / by David R. Soderquist
612.8 SODE

Suggestions for modifying the home and school environment: a handbook for parents and teachers of children with dual sensory impairments / Vickie Brennan, Flo Peck, Dennnis Lolli
Q371.911 SUGG

Transition to adult life: a guide to assist teachers of blind and visually impaired students in Texas / Peggy L. Wade, editor ; Linda L. Donovan, design & layout
Q371.911 WADE

Teaching pupils with visual impairment: a guide to making the school curriculum accessible / edited by Ruth Salisbury
Q371.9110941 TEAC

Visual acuity simulations / Louise Connelly, Alison Willis
617.712 CONN

Visual methodologies: an introduction to the interpretation of visual materials / Gillian Rose
302.23 ROSE



Curriculum for oral language development [kit] : materials for assessing and teaching basic listening, speaking, and reasoning skills / Larry J. Mattes
372.622 MATT

Hands-on learning [kit] / Charity Rowland, Philip Schweigert
Q371.91 ROWL 2003

[Hands-on problem solving] [kit] / Charity Rowland, Philip Schweigert
Q371.91 ROWL 2002


Aboriginal ear health manual / Harvey Coates ... [et al.]
Q618.920978 COAT

An introduction to the physiology of hearing / by James O. Pickles
612.85 PICK 2008

Book of games for oral language development / developed by Academic Communication Associates ; illustrated by Tom Matthews
Q372.6 ACAD-1

Book of listening and oral vocabulary exercises (Book of LOVE) / by Larry J. Mattes and Patty R. Schuchardt ; illustrated by Tom Matthews
Q372.6 MATT-3

Calendars for students with multiple impairments including deafblindness / by Robbie Blaha
Q371.91 BLAH

Carer's handbook: authorised manual of Carer's Australia and St John Ambulance Australia
362.0425 CARE

A case for early childhood development in sub-Saharan Africa / by Alan Pence and Bame Nsamenang
Q372.21 PENC

The changing face of the United States : the influence of culture on early child development / Beth Maschinot
Q305.2310973 MASC

Competencies for paraprofessionals working with learners who are deafblind in early intervention and educational settings / Marianne Riggio, Barbara A.B. McLetchie
Q371.911 RIGG

The complete learning disabilities handbook: ready-to-use strategies & activities for teaching students with learning disabilities
Q371.9 HARW

Contexts of child development : culture, policy and intervention / edited by: Gary Robinson ... [et al.]
362.849915 ROBI

Deaf Identity and Social Images in Nineteenth-Century France/ Anne T. Quartararo
305.9 QUAR

Disorders of behavioral and emotional regulation in the first years of life : early risks and intervention in the developing parent-infant relationships / Mechthild Papoušek, Michael Schieche, and Harald Wurmser (eds.) ; translated by Kenneth Kronenberg
Q155.422 PAPO

Facilitating the transition of students who are deaf or hard of hearing / John L. Luckner
362.4284 LUCK

Having hearing aids / written and illustrated by Peter Augustine
362.1978 AUGU

Hearing - from sensory processing to perception / B. Kollmeier ... [et al.]
R612.85 HEAR-1



Awesome access: inclusive education practices for students who are blind or have a vision impairment / Gillian Gale and the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
371.91109944 GALE c.2

CVI lecture series / by Lea Hyvärinen
618.920977 HYVA

Hearing care for infants [videorecording] : strategies for a sound beginning: Phonak Hearing Systems 
618.920978 PHON-3

Learning happens [videorecording] : 30 video vignettes of babies and toddlers learning school readiness skills through everyday interactions / executive producers, Claire Lerner, Rebecca Parlakian
305.231 LEAR-2


MULTILIT (Making up lost time in literacy) [kit]
372.4 MULT

Games and motor exercises for speech/ developed by Academic Communication Associates
Q372.6 ACAD

Hear the difference:outcomes for children who are deaf and hard of hearing / produced by the Oberkotter Foundation Film Team in association with Spellbound Productions
Q371.912 HEAR

Speaking volumes: effective intervention for children who are deaf and hard of hearing: oraldeafed.org, Oberkotter Foundation
Q371.912 SPEA-1

There's a new kid in school: Oberkotter Foundation, Oral Deaf Education
Q371.912 THER

Test of visual perceptual skills/ Nancy A. Martin
152.14 MART


Beyond pegboards : a guide for teaching adolescent students with multiple disabilities/ Cynthia O'Connell
Q371.928 OCON

The deafblind helpbook : practical advice & information for those who support deafblind people / researched & written by PJ White
362.418 WHIT

The emergence of the speech capacity / D. Kimbrough Oller
401.93 OLLE

Essentials of neuropsychological assessment / Nancy Hebben and William Milberg
616.80475 HEBB

Haptices and haptemes : a case study of developmental process in social-haptic communication of acquired deafblind people / Riitta M. Lahtinen
362.41 LAHT

Language development and disorders : a case study approach / Carol A. Angell
618.92855 ANGE

Language learners with special needs : an international perspective / edited by Judit Kormos and Edit H. Kontra
371.90446 LANG

Psychophysics of reading in normal and low vision / Gordon E. Legge and colleagues
617.712 LEGG

School-to-work : developing transition portfolios for students with significant disabilities / by Wendy Bridgeo, Christa Gicklhorn and Mary Zatta
Q371.911 BRID

Teaching strategies for literacy in the early years / Coral Swan
Q372.6 SWAN

Beyond sight and sound / Maureen T Davey ; compiled and edited by Julie E Nitschke
305.9081092 DAVE

The brain that changes itself : stories of personal triumph from the frontiers of brain science / Norman Doidge
612.8 DOID

Case studies for inclusive schools / Peggy L. Anderson
Q371.9046 ANDE 2005

Common-sense classroom management : techniques for working with students with significant disabilities / Jill A. Lindberg, Michele Flasch Ziegler, Lisa Barczyk ; foreword by Lou Brown
Q371.9 LIND

Effective writing skills for public relations / John Foster
808.066659 FOST

Hereditary hearing loss and its syndromes / edited by Helga V. Toriello, William Reardon, Robert J. Gorlin
Q617.8042 HERE

Language disorders in children and adults : new issues in research and practice / edited by Victoria Joffe, Madeline Cruice and Shula Chiat
618.92855 LANG

Neuroscience at a glance / Roger A. Barker, Stephen Barasi; and neuropharmacology by Michael J. Neal
Q612.8 BARK 2008

Sensory integration and self-regulation in infants and toddlers : helping very young children interact with their environment / G. Gordon Williamson, Marie E. Anzalone
155.422 WILL

Strengthening and supporting teacher/provider-paraeducator teams : guidelines for paraeducator roles, supervision, and preparation / Anna Lou Pickett
Q371.14124 PICK

Teaching students with mild and high-incidence disabilities at the secondary level / Edward J. Sabornie, Laurie U. deBettencourt
371.926 SABO 2009

A training program to prepare teachers to supervise and work effectively with paraeducator personnel / editor, Anna Lou Pickett
Q371.14124 PICK-1

The WISC-IV companion : a guide to interpretation and educational intervention / Steve Truch
Q155.41393 TRUC



E124 Supporting children's learning in the early years (The teaching assistant & early years practitioner programme) / VEA, c2002
372.21 SUPP

Sight unseen (Broadcast on 'Secondary Science' 12.07.1973) / Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1973
371.91109944 SIGH

Target word: helping parents build their children's expressive vocabulary; the teaching tape, 2004
649.68 EARL


Toolkit 2008 / Statewide Vision Resource Centre, 2008
371.911 STAT

Transdisciplinary play-based assessment TPBA2 - Paper Forms / by Toni Linder, 2008
STACK KIT Q618.920075 LIND-1

Transdisciplinary play-based assessment TPBA2 - CD-ROM Forms / by Toni Linder, 2008
STACK KIT Q618.920075 2008


Brain, behavior, and learning in language and reading disorders / edited by Maria Mody & Elaine R. Silliman, 2008
618.92855 BRAI

Buildings and internal environments / JMU - Royal National Institute for the Blind with The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association UK, 199-?
Q720.42 BUIL

Bye-bye Charlie : stories from the vanishing world of Kew Cottages / Corinne Manning, 2008
362.385099451 MANN

Children with disabilities 6th ed. / edited by Mark L. Batshaw, 2007
618.92 BATS 2007

Classroom sound field amplification, listening and learning (PhD) / Michael Francis Heeney, 2007
Q371.62 HEEN

Coping with hearing loss / Christine Craggs-Hinton, 2007
617.8 CRAG

The elephant in the playroom : ordinary parents write intimately and honestly about the extraordinary highs and heartbreaking lows of raising kids with special needs / Denise Brodey, 2007
306.874087 BROD

Hey dad! : for fathers who have a child with a disability : a parenting program for dads / UnitingCare Burnside & Centacare Broken Bay, 2007
Q649.151 KING

Language, mind and nature : artificial languages in England from Bacon to Locke / Rhodri Lewis, 2007
499.99094209032 LEWI

Topics in signed language interpreting : theory and practice / edited by Terry Janzen, 2005
419 TOPI

Towards an inclusive future : impact and wider potential of information and communication technologies / edited by Patrick R.W. Roe, 2007
Q384.0846 TOWA

Volunteering : why we can't survive without it / Melanie Oppenheimer, 2008
361.370994 OPPE