New Items for 2008


Videos and DVD-Videos

Auditory-Verbal Therapy video project: CLEM (1) / Renwick Centre; RIDBC, c2007
618.920978 CLEM-1

Auditory-Verbal Therapy video project: CLEM (2)/ Renwick Centre; RIDBC, c2007
618. 920978 CLEM

Auditory-Verbal Therapy video project: RHODES/ Renwick Centre; RIDBC, c2007
618.920978 RHOD

Children of a lesser god/ directed by Randa Haines; producers, Burt Sugarman, Patrick Palmer; screenplay, Hesper Anderson, Mark Medoff, c2002
812.54 MEDO

Hearing James/ Marcom Projects, c2005
617.882 HEAR

Signpost: the first six episodes/ Australian Association for the Deaf, c2006
362.420994 AUST

Women and family law 7th ed./ produced by the Women's legal resources centre, c2003
346.944015 WOME

Children with motor impairments/Utah State University ; distributed by Hope Inc, c1995
371.916 CHILDTape 1 & 2

Dizzy terror – Meniere’s disease awareness/ Meniere’s Support Group Inc; Meniere’s Support Group of Vic; Inc., c1997
617.882 DIZZ

Move and discover: the active learning approach for children with disabilities/ Television Center North Dakota Deafblind Services Project, c2002
362.41 MOVE

Nobody’s perfect: everybody’s special!/ Attainment Co, c1998
362.4 NOBO

The power of the dream: the video and the music/ Dr. Euclid Herie, c2001
CDROM 362.41092 HERI


You, your centre and occupational health and safety: a resource kit for the early childhood sector/ NSW/ACT Independent Education Union, c2005
Q344. 944046 NSWA

Communication neuroscience: putting the brain at your “fingertips”/ American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, c1998
Q616.855 LAUT

TRC: Test of relational concepts/ Nellie K. Edmondston, Nancy Litchfield Thane, 1999
Q401.93 EDMO

Talking hands 1: external study/ Royal South Australian Deaf Society, c2004
419 TALK 1

Talking hands 2: external study/ Royal South Australian Deaf Society, c2004
419 TALK 2

Talking hands 3: external study/ Royal South Australian Deaf Society, c2004
419 TALK 3

Talking hands 4: external study/ Royal South Australian Deaf Society, c2004
419 TALK 4

Talking hands 5: external study/ Royal South Australian Deaf Society, c2004
419 TALK 5


Assessment of children: cognitive foundations 5th ed./ Jerome M. Sattler, c2008
Q155.41393 SATT 2008

Assessment of children: cognitive foundations – resource guide 5th ed./ Jerome M. Sattler, c2008
Q155.41393 SATT 2008 Resource Guide

Competencies for teachers of learners who are deafblind: Perkins National Deafblind Training Project/ Barbara A.B. McLetchie and Marianne Riggio, c1997
Q371.911 MCLE

ED209: Educating individuals with vision impairment: Introduction and assignments/ University of the South Pacific: School of Education, c2007
Q371.9113 UNIV Introduction and assignments

ED209: Educatiing individuals with vision impairment: Course book 1/ University of the South Pacific: School of Education, c2007
Q371.9113 UNIV Course Book 1

ED209: Educating individuals with vision impairment: Course book 2/ University of the South Pacific: School of Education, c2007
Q371.9113 UNIV Course Book 2

Language, communication, and literacy: pathologies and treatments/ guest editors Robert L. Russell and Mark D. Simms, c2007
618.92082 PEDI

Making progress: the health, development and wellbeing of Australia's children and young people/ Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, c2008
Q362.70994 MAKI

Open your eyes: deaf studies talking/ H – Dirksen L. Bauman, editor, c2008
305.9082 OPEN

Signing the body poetic: essays on American Sign Language literacy/ edited by H-Dirksen L. Bauman, Jennifer L. Nelson and Heidi M. Rose, c2006
890 SIGN

Signs and voices: deaf culture, identity, language and arts/ Kristin A. Lindgren, Doreen DeLuca and Donna Jo Napoli, editors, c2008
305.908162 SIGN

The New Hampshire Agenda: for the education of students who are blind & visually impaired including those with multiple disabilities/ National Association for Parents of the Visually Impaired, c1999
Q371.911 NEWH

Total augmentative communication in the early childhood classroom/ Linda J. Burkhart, c1993
Q616.85503 BURK

Unfolding the tent: advocating for your one-of-a-kind child/ Anne Addison, c2005
371.90973 ADDI

Dictionary of eye terminology / Barbara Cassin; Melvin L. Rubin, editor, c2006
R617.7003 CASS

Handbook of adolescent literacy research/edited by Lelia Christenbury, Randy Bomer and Peter Smagorinsky, c2009
428.40712 HAND

Hearing-loss simulation: education, training, research/ Norman P. Erber, c2008
362.4283 ERBE-1

Learning to read the world: language and literacy in the first three years/edited by Sharon E. Rosenkoetter and Joan Knapp-Philo, c2006
401.93 LEAR

Test of relational concepts: norms for deaf children / Nellie K. Edmonston ; Nancy Litchfield Thane, c1997
Q401.93 EDMO-1

The house on the hill: the first hundred years of the WA school for deaf children. 1896–1996
Q371.912099411 HOUS




Auslan : an introduction to Australian sign language/ Knowledge Books and Software, c2003
419.94 AUSL


Audiology: science to practice/ Steven Kramer, c2008
Q617.8 KRAM

Child development. 8th ed. /Laura E. Berk, c2009
Q305.231 BERK 2009 - 2 copies

Deaf students in higher education: current research and practice/ edited by Lynne Barnes, Frank Harrington, Jannine Williams and Martin Atherton, c2007
371.912840941 DEAF

Evaluating, selecting and using appropriate assistive technology/ Jan C. Galvin and Marcia J. Scherer, (2004 reprint)
617.03 GALV 2004

Occupational therapy models for intervention with children and families/ Sandra Baker Dunbar, c2007
619.9289165 DUNB

The Australasian genetics resource book: a source of current and accurate information for health professionals, individuals and families, teachers and students 8th ed./ Centre for Genetics Education, c2007
REF Q362.196042 AUST

The developing brain: birth to age eight/ Marilee Sprenger, c2008
612.8 SPRE

The human brain: an introduction to its functional anatomy 6th ed./ John Nolte, c2009
Q611.8 NOLT 2009

Trachoma: a blinding scourge from the bronze age to the twenty-first century/ Hugh R. Taylor, c2008
Q617.7 TAYL

Understanding Rett Syndrome: a practical guide for parents, teachers, and therapists 2nd rev ed./ Barbro Lindberg, c2006
618.9285884 LIND

Water learning: improving mental, physical and social skills through water activities/ Susan J. Grosse, c2007
613.716 GROS




Atlas of the Human Brain 3rd ed / Jurgen K. Mai, George Paxinos and Thomas Voss, c2008
REF DVD 612.82 MAI 2008


Atlas of the Human Brain 3rd ed / Jurgen K. Mai, George Paxinos and Thomas Voss, c2008
REF Q612.82 MAI 2008

Educating special children: an introduction to provision for pupils with disabilities and disorders / Michael Farrell, c2008
371.90941 FARR - 2

Essential readings on stress and coping among parents of deaf and hearing-impaired children / edited by Idalia Mapp, c2004
362.423 ESSE

Every child matters: a practical guide for teaching assistants / Rita Cheminais, c2008
Q371.14124 CHEM

The Jossey-Bass reader on the brain and learning / Introduction by Kurt Fischer and Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, c2008
612.87 JOSS

Leading professional learning communities: voices from research and practice / Shirley M. Hord and William A. Sommers, c2008
371.2 HORD

Love and limits in and out of child care: what your child care provider and your paediatrician want you to know / Margaret Thomas, Richard Thomas and Lisa Dobbertson, c2008
649.1 THOM

Music for children and young people with complex needs / Adam Ockleford, c2008
371.9280487 OCKL

Promoting social interaction for individuals with communicative impairments: making contact / edited by Mary Suzanne Zeedyk, c2008
362.4048 PROM

Teaching literacy to students with significant disabilities: strategies for the K-12 inclusive classroom / June E. Downing, 2005
371.90446 DOWN



1-2-3 Magic: managing difficult behaviour for children 2 – 12/ Thomas W. Phelan, c2004
DVD 649.64 PHEL

Auslan for life: professional development course in Auslan – Level 1/ The Auslan Company, c2007
DVD 419.0994 AUSL

More 1-2-3 Magic: encouraging good behaviour, independence and self-esteem/ Thomas W. Phelan, c2004
DVD 649.64 PHEL-1

Ready to move/Australian Physiotherapy Association, c2007
DVD 615.820832 READ

The eye over time: a collection of educational PowerPoint presentations for the public/American Academy of Ophthalmology, c2005
DVD 611.84 EYEO

How I learn: ages and stages of child development, 2006
DVD 305.231 LEAR-1

How to use Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
DVD 005.58 HOWT

How to use Microsoft Word 2007
DVD 005.52 HOWT

Human brain development : nature and nurture (Neuroscience series), 2007
612.82 HUMA


1-2-3 Magic Leader Guide: effective discipline for children 2 -12/ Thomas W. Phelan, c2005

Learning and growing together with families video package / Zero to Three, 2001
KIT 305.231 LEAR

Ready4work: disability support work induction ; resource kit / Disability In-Service Training Support Service, 2004

649.64 PHEL


1-2-3 Magic: effective discipline for children 2 -12 3rd ed. / Thomas W. Phelan, c2003
649.64 PHEL

Assessment in special education: a practical approach 3rd ed./ Roger Pierangelo and George A. Guiliani, c2009
371.90973 PIER

Black deaf students: a model for educational success/ Carolyn E. Williamson, c2007
371.912 WILL

Closed captioning: subtitling, stenography, and the digital convergence of text with television/ Gregory J. Downey, c2008
384.556 DOWN

Cockeyed: a memoir/ Ryan Knighton, c2006
362.41092 KNIG

Cortical visual impairment: an approach to assessment and intervention/ Christine Roman-Lantzy, c2007
Q362.418 ROMA

Embracing disabilities in the classroom: strategies to maximize student’s assets/ Toby J. Karten, c2008
371.91 KART

Giggle time - establishing the social connection: a program to develop the communication skills of children with autism, Asperger Syndrome and PDD/ Susan Aud Sonders, c2003
371.94 SOND

Learnings from high/scope: enriching everyday practice? Jenni Connor, c2008
371.71 CONN

Mentoring: the guide – ideas, advice and practical help for planning and running mentoring programs that work/ Judith MacCallum, Susan Bethman and Cameron Tero, c2007
371.102 MACC

Sensation and perception/ Mike May, c2007
612.8 MAY

Special needs advocacy resource book: what you can do now to advocate for your exceptional child’s education/ Rich Weinfield and Michelle Davis, c2008
371.90973 WEIN

Speech development guide for children with hearing loss/ Frederick Berg, c2008
Q616.80083 BERG

Stevie’s first day/ Peggy Ballantyne, c2006
362.1978 BALL

The code of ethics: a guide for everyday practice/ Lennie Barblett, Catharine Hydon and Anne Kennedy, c2008
372.210994 BARB

The stuff of thought: language as a window into human nature/ Steven Pinker, c2007
401 PINK-1

Visual needs/ Olga Miller and Adam Ockleford, c2005
371.9110941 MILL

When you have a visually impaired student in your classroom: a guide for paraeducators/ Joanne Russotti, Rona Shaw and et al, c2004
371.9110973 RUSS

Applied behavior analysis for teachers (7th ed) / P Alberto and A Troutman, 2006
371.1024 ALBE 2006

Building blocks for teaching preschoolers with special needs (2nd ed) / S R Sandall et al, 2008
Q371.9046 SAND-1 2008

Developing speech and language skills: a resource book for teachers, teaching assistants and speech and language therapists / G Lancaster, 2008
Q371.914233 LANC

Equal measures: closing the accessibility gap / Cost 219ter, 2005
Q384.0846 EQUA

Introduction to audiology (10th ed) / F Martin and J Clark, 2009
617.8 MART 2009

Playing and learning outdoors / Jan White, 2008
371.1384 WHIT

Reading practices with deaf learners (2nd ed) / McAnally, Rose and Quigley, 2007
371.91244 MCAN 2007

Transition planning for secondary students with disabilities (3rd ed) / R W Flexer, et al, 2008
371.90473 TRAN 2008

Traveling blind: life lessons from unlikely teachers / L Fogg, 2007
362.41 FOGG

Treating articulation and phonological disorders in children / D M Ruscello, 2008
618.92855 RUSC

Unsmiling faces: how preschools can heal / ed by L Koplow, 2007
372.146 UNSM



Children, obesity and exercise / ed by A P Hills et al, 2007
618.92398 CHIL

Creative arts therapies manual / S L Brooke, 2006
616.891656 CREA

Education and rehabilitation for empowerment / C E Vaughan and J H Omvig, 2005
362.4156 VAUG

Ethics in the classroom : bridging the gap between theory and practice / Dan Mahony, 2008
174.93711 MAHO

I can't hear you in the dark / B Woerner Carter, 1998
371.9127 CART

In search of freedom 2nd ed / Willie V Bryan, 2006
323.3 BRYA

Introduction to communication disorders : a lifespan perspective 3rd ed / Robert E Owens et al, 2007
616.855 OWEN 2007

Living with low vision and blindness / J R Crandell and L W Robinson, c2007
617.7 CRAN

Perkins school for the blind / Kimberley French, 2004.
371.911 FREN

Playing and learning outdoors / Jan White, 2008
371.1384 WHIT

Rich and rewarding : an autobiography / Bill Blackwood, 2001
020.92 BLAC

River of hands : Deaf heritage stories / S N Bonner et al, 2000
813.0108 RIVE

Sign languages in contact / ed by D Quino-Pozos, 2007
419 QUIN

Unsmiling faces : how preschools can heal / ed by L Koplow, 2007
372.146 UNSM

Using e-learning with deaf learners / C Nightingale and S Stevens, 2007
374.60872094 NIGH

Visually speaking : art therapy and the deaf / E G Horovitz, 2007
616.891656 VISU

Writing deafness / C Krentz, 2007
810.9 KREN


Bracken basic concept scale : expressive / Bruce A. Bracken

Bracken basic concept scale : receptive 3rd ed. / Bruce A. Bracken
RENWICK STACK 370.155 2006



Auditory trauma, protection, and repair / edited by J Schacht et al, c2008
617.83 AUDI

Blind justice: Jacobus tenBroek and the vision of equality / F Matson, c2005

Building foundations. Autism: your child, your family / Autism Spectrum Australia, c2007
618.928982 AUTI

Cortical Visual Impairment: an approach to assessment and intervention / Christine Roman-Lantzy, c2007
Q362.418 ROMA

Disabling pedagogy: power, politics and deaf education / Linda Komesaroff, c2008
317.912 KOME

Early childhood special education – 0 to 8 years: strategies for positive outcomes / Sharon A. Raver, c2009
371.90472 RAVE

The effective teacher's guide to sensory impairment and physical disability: practical strategies / Michael Farrell, c2006
Q371.91 FARR

First start program: handbook for the care of infants, toddlers, and young children with disabilities and chronic conditions 2nd ed / edited by Marilyn, J. Krajicek, Dalice L. Hertzberg, et al, c2004
618.92 FIRS

Getting on with gardening: a guide for blind and partially sighted gardeners / edited by V George, L Morrell and T Spurgeon, c2007
Q262.41 GETT Vol 1 & 2

Paediatric optometry / William Harvey and Bernard Gilmartin, c2004
Q318.9209775 PAED

Playing to learn: developing high quality experiences for babies and toddlers / Ann Langston and Lesley Abbott, c2007
Q371.21 LANG

The science of reading: a handbook / edited by Margaret J. Snowling and Charles Hulme, c2005
428.4 THES

The special school's handbook: key issues for all / Michael Farrell, c2008
371.90941 FARR

Transition planning for secondary students with disabilities 3rd ed / Robert W. Flexer et al, c2008
371.90743 TRAN

Transition planning for students with disabilities: what educators and service providers can do / J Bakken and F E Obiakor, c2008
371.9043 BAKK

Visual impairment: a global view / edited by Heather McLannahan, c2008
Q617.7 VISU


All about NABS: the national Auslan interpreter booking and payment service / Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services, c2005
DVD 362.428 ALLA

Disability Services Standards: the 9 standards explained (Auslan version) / WA Deaf Society Inc., c2007
DVD 362.4046209941 DISA

Edges of perception / Fanlight Productions, c2007
DVD 305.908161 KUTN

Song of our children: a documentary film about inclusive education of kids with special needs / Beret E. Strong and John Tweedy, c2005
DVD 371.90460973 SONG

White cane and wheels / Fanlight Productions, c2004
DVD 305.908161 APEL


Interdisciplinary strategies: working with families and their infants who have multiple disabilities / Dept. of Special Education; California State University, c2003
CD-ROM 371.911 INTE

Listen to the sound of silence: a film on Sense International (India) Working with deafblind people throughout India/ Sense International (India), c1984
CD-ROM 371.911 LIST

Low vision in early intervention: an interdisciplinary approach / M. Buultjens and et al, c2001
CD-ROM 371.911 LOWV


Di-El First Words / Cochlear Limited, c2004
KIT 371.912 COCH

Techniques used by blind cane travel instructors - a practical approach: learning, teaching, believing / Maria Morais, c1997
KIT 371.911 MORA


Assessing students with special needs 7th ed / James A. McLoughlin and Rena B. Lewis, c2008
Q371.9 MCLO 2008

Assessment for effective intervention / William H. Brown (ed) c2002
155.423 BROW

Audiology: practice management 2nd ed / Holly Hosford – Dunn, Ross J. Roeser and Michael Valente, c2008
Q617.8 HOSF

Blackwell handbook of language development / edited by Erika Hoff and Marilyn Shatz, c2007
401.93 BLAC

Born to talk: an introduction to speech and language development 4th ed/ L M Huli and M R Howard, c2006
401.93 HULI 2006

The child with special needs: encouraging intellectual and emotional growth / Greenspan, Wieder & Simons, c1998
362.1968 GREE

Choices in deafness: a parent’s guide to communication options 3rd ed / Sue Schwartz (ed) c2007
362.42083 SCHW 2007

Cochlear hearing loss: physiological, psychological and technical issues 2nd ed/ Brian C. J. Moore, c2007
617.8 MOOR 2007

Collaborating with families: a case study approach / Sheri Overton, c2005
649.151 OVER

Diagnosis and evaluation in speech pathology 7th ed / William O. Haynes and Rebekah H. Pindzola, c2008
618.855073 HAYN 2008

The experience of minority mothers with early childhood deaf education programs: a qualitative investigation / L Kommatea-Stever, c2007
371.91282 KOMM

In the key of genius: the extraordinary life of Derek Paravicini / Adam Ockelford, c2007
786.2092 OCKE

Language learning practices with deaf children 3rd ed / Susan Rose, Patricia McAnally and Stephen P. Quigley, c2004
371.912 MCAN 2004

M.O.R.E.: Intergrating the mouth with sensory and postural functions 2nd ed / Patricia Oetter, Eileen W. Richter and Shelia M. Frick, c1995
Q618.92 OETT 1995

The parent's guide to speech and language problems / Debbie Feit with Heidi M. Feldman, c2007
618.92855 FEIT

Play in occupational therapy for children 2nd ed/ L. Diane Parham and Linda S. Fazio, c2008
Q615.85153083 PARH 2008

A practical guide to quality interaction with children who have a hearing loss / Morag Clark, c2007
371.912 CLAR-1

An oral history of the education of visually impaired people: telling stories for inclusive futures / edited by Sally French, c2006
371.911 FREN

Raising and educating a deaf child: a comprehensive guide to the choices, controversies, and decisions faced by parents and educators 2nd ed / Marc Marschark, c2007
362.42083 MARS 2007

Sensational kids: hope and help for children with sensory processing disorder (SPD) / Lucy Jane Miller, c2007
618.928 MILL

Watch this face: a practical guide to lipreading / RNID, c2006
428.954 WATC

Dilemmas of difference, inclusion and disability: international perspective and future directions / Brahim Norwich, c2008
371.90441 NORW

Encyclopedia of disability Vols 1- 5 / Gary L. Albrecht, 2008
REF 362.403 ALBR Vols 1 - 5

Essentials of human anatomy & physiology 8th ed / Elaine N. Marieb, c2006
Q612 MARI 2006

Inclusion in action 2nd ed / ed by Phil Foreman, c2008
2 copies

An introduction to language 8th ed / Victoria Fromkin, Robert Rodman and Nina Hyama, c2007
410 FROM 2007

Key issues for teaching assistants: working in diverse and inclusive classrooms / ed by Gill Richards and Felicity Armstrong, c2008
371.14124 RICH

Nature and young children: encouraging creative play and learning in natural environments, c2008
372.357 WILS

Psychological processes in deaf children with complex needs: an evidence-based practical guide / Lindsey Edwards and Susan Crocker, c2008
362.42019 EDWA 2 copies

Translation, sociolinguistic, and consumer issues in interpreting / Melanie Metzger and Earl Fleetwood, c2007
418.02 METZ – 2

Accessible education for blind learners: kindergarten through postsecondary / Shelley Kinash and Ania Paszuk, c2007
Q371.911 KINA

American special education: a history of early political advocacy / Gerard Giordano, c2007
371.90973 GIOR

Australia’s welfare 2007 / Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, c2007
REF 262.994 AUST

The best of practically primary: selections from the first ten years / Australian Literacy Educators Association, c2007
Q372.2405 THEB

Child protection Australia 2006 – 07 / Australia Institute of Health and Welfare, c2008
Q362.7680994 CHILD 2006

Children’s language: consensus and controversy Rev ed / Ray Cattell, c2007
401.93 CATT 2007

Constructivist teaching strategies: projects in teacher education / Jessie C. Brown and Arlene Adams, c2001
372.1102 BROW

Fundamentals of early childhood education 5th ed / George S. Morrison, c2008

How the special needs brain learns 2nd ed / David A. Sousa, c2007
Q370.1523 SOUS 2007

Independent movement and travel in blind children: a promotion model / Joseph Cutter, c2007
362.418 CUTT

Ordinary families, special children: a system approach to childhood disability 3rd ed / Milton Seligman and R B Darling, c2007
362.4043083 SELI 2007

Practical aural habilitation: for speech language pathologists and educators of hearing impaired children / Pratibha Srinivasan, c1996
371.912 SRIN

The Sage handbook of special education / ed by Lani Florian, c2007
371.9 FLOR

Teaching students with sensory disabilities: a practical guide for every teacher / Bob Algozzine and Jim Ysseldyke, c2006
371.911 ALGO

Young Australians: their health and wellbeing 2007 / Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, c2007
Q614.4294 YOUN 2007


101 Activities for kids in tight spaces: at the doctor’s office, on car, train and plane trips, home sick…/Carol Stock Kranowitz, c1995
649.51 KRAN

Accessible education for blind learners: kindergarten through postsecondary / Shelley Kinash and Ania Pazuk, c2007
Q371.911 KINA

Basics of audiology: from vibrations to sound / Jerry L. Cranford, c2008
617.8 CRAN

The child protection handbook: the practitioner’s guide to safeguarding children 3rd ed / edited by Kate Wilson and Adrian James, c2007
362.760941 CHIL 2007

The early education of the blind in Britain c.1790 – 1900: institutional experience in England and Scotland / John Oliphant, c2007
371.911 OLIP

Educating deaf students: from research to practice / Marc Marschark, Harry G. Lang and John A. Albertine, c2002
371.912 MARS

Empowered: an activity based self-determination curriculum for students with visual impairments / Jari Cleveland, R. Michael Clinkscales, Nancy Hefner, David Houghtling, Cindy Kubacak and Debra Sewell, c2007
Q371.911 CLEV

Eyes for learning: preventing and curing vision-related learning problems / Antonia Orflield, c2007
618.920977 ORFI

Families, schools and communities: building partnerships for educating children 4th ed / Chandler Barbour, Nita H. Barbour and Patrick A. Scully, c2008
371.19 BARB 2008

Global migration and education: schools, children and families / Leah D. Adams and Anna Kirova, c 2007
378. 826912 ADAM

How does the engine run? a learner’s guide to the alert program for self regulation. / Mary Sue Williams and Sherry Shellenberger, c1996
Q615.8515083 WILL

If anyone can, you can: the story of my life / Dr. Natalie Carter Barraga, c2007
371.911092 BARR

Introduction to infant development 2nd ed / edited by Alan Slater and Michael Lewis, c2007
618.92 SLAT

Kids count: better early childhood education and care in Australia / Elizabeth Hill, Barbara Pocock and Alision Elliott, c2007
362.120994 HILL

The out of sync child has fun: activities for kids with sensory processing disorders / Carol Stock Kranowitz, c2003
618.928 KRAN

The out of sync child: recognising and coping with sensory processing disorder Rev and updated ed / c2005
618.928 KRAN 2005

Philosophical foundation of adult education 3rd ed. / John L. Elias and Sharan B. Merriam, c2005
374.001 ELIA

Play and literacy in early childhood: research from multiple perspectives 2nd ed / Kathleen A. Roskos and James F. Christie, c2007
372.6 ROSK

Teaching children and adolescents with special needs 5th ed / Judy L. Olson, Jennifer C. Platt and Lisa A. Dieker, c2008
371.9 OLSO


Active assessment in English: thinking, learning and assessment / Brenda Keogh, John Dabell and Stuart Naylor, c 2008
Q372.6 KEOG

Assistive technology in the workplace / Desleigh de Jonge, Marcia J. Scherer and Sylvia Rodger, c2007
362.404083 DEJO

The complete guide to referencing and avoiding plagiarism / Colin Neville c2007
808.027 NEVI

Contemporary issues in occupational therapy: reasoning and reflection / Jennifer Creek and Anne Lawson-Porter, c2007
615.8515 CREE

Hearing science fundamentals / Norman J. Lass and Charles M. Woodward, c2007
612.85 LASS

Independent movement and travel in blind children: a promotion model / Joseph Cutter, c2007
362.418 CUTT

Introduction to communication disorders: a lifespan perspective 3rd ed. / Robert E. Owens, Dale Evan Metz & Adelaide Haas, c2007
616.855 OWEN 2007

Language development in early childhood 2nd ed. / Beverly Otto, c2006
372.6 OTTO

Language development: an introduction 7th ed. / Robert E. Owens, c2008
401.93 OWEN 2008

Language disorders from infancy through adolescence: assessment & intervention 3rd ed. / Rhea Paul, c2007
Q618.92855 PAUL 2007

Language intervention for school-age students: setting goals for academic success / Geraldine P. Wallach, c2008
371. 914 WALL

Let's team up! A checklist for Paraeducators, teachers and principals Rev ed. / Kent Gerlach, c2003
371.141 GERL 2003

Occupational therapy for children 5th ed. / Jane Case-Smith, c2005
Q615.85152 OCCU 2005

Paediatric skills for occupational therapy assistants 2nd ed. / Jean W. Solomon and Jane Clifford O’Brien, c2006
Q616.8515 SOLO

Physiotherapy for children / Teresa Pountney, c2007
615.820832 POUN

Professional teaching standards / NSW Institute of Teachers, [c2005?]
Q371.109944 NSWI

Terminology of communication disorders: speech language-hearing 5th ed. / L Nicolosi, E Harryman and J Kresheck, c2004.
REF 616.855006 NICO 2004 (not for loan)

Transdisciplinary play-based assessment: a functional approach to working with young children Rev ed. / Toni W. Linder, c1993
618.920075 LIND 1993


The language of medicine / Davi-Ellen Chabner. Australian and New Zealand edition, c2007
REF Q610.14 CHAB 2007

The educator's diagnostic manual of disabilities and disorders / Roger Pierangleo and George Guiliani, c2007
REF 371.904 PIER

Paediatric ENT / John M. Graham et al, c2007
REF Q618.9209751 GRAH

Knowing where to start: a home training program in spoken language development for parents of deaf and hard of hearing infants / West Australian Institute for Deaf Education, c2006
DVD 618.920978 WAID

Knowing where to start: a home training program in sign language development for parents of deaf and hard of hearing infants/ West Australian Institute for Deaf Education, c2006

Assisting hearing impaired students (open captioned) / Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children, c2006
DVD 371.912 ROYA c.1

Deaf Australian story: the struggles, heartaches & achievements of 36 remarkable deaf Australians / Carol O'Reilly, c2007
Q362.420994 OREI

Oh brother! Growing up with a special needs sibling / Natalie Hale, c2004.
306.8753 HALE

Disability is natural: revolutionary common sense for raising successful children with disabilities / Kathie Snow, c2005
Q649.15 SNOW

Families, professionals, and exceptionality: possible outcomes through partnerships and trust 5th ed. / Ann Turnbull et al, c2006
649.150973 TURN

Instruction of students with severe disabilities 6th ed. / Martha E. Snell and Fredda Brown, c2007
371.91 SNEL 2007

Self-help skills for people with autism: a systematic teaching approach / Stephen R. Anderson et al, c 2007
Q649.154 ANDE

Handbook of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder / edited by Michael Fitzgerald, Mark Bellgrove and Michael Gill, c2007
618.9285889 FITZ

The eye: basic sciences in practice / John V. Forrester et al, c2008
612.84 FORR

Introduction to neurogenic communication disorders 7th ed. / Robert H. Brookshire, c2007
616.8555 BROO

Audiology: diagnosis 2nd ed. / Ross J. Roesner, Michael Valente and Holly Hosford-Dunn, c2007
Q617.8 ROES 2007

Speech science primer: physiology, acoustics and perception of speech 5th ed. / Lawerence J. Raphel et al, c2007
612.78 BORD 2007