New Items for 2007


Artificial hearing, natural speech: cochlear implants, speech production, and the expectations of a high tech society / Joanna H. Lowenstein c2007
617.8/ LOWE

Assessment in speech-language pathology: a resource manual 3rd ed / Kenneth G. Shipley and Julie G. McAfee c2004.
Q615.85/ SHIP

Australian Government: Disability Services Census 2006 / Dept. of Family, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs c2007
R362.40994/ AUST

Bringing the High/Scope approach to your early years practice / Nicky Holt c2007
372.2/ HOLT

Bringing the Montessori approach to your early years practice Barbara Issacs c2007

Bringing the Reggio approach to your early years practice / Linda Thornton and Pat Brunton c2007

Bringing the Steiner Waldorf approach to your early years practice / Janni Nicol c2007
372.2/ NICO

Clinical and forensic interviewing of children and their families: guidelines for the mental health, education, paediatric and child maltreatment fields / Jerome M. Sattler c1998

Critical reflections about students with special needs: stories from the classroom / Jennifer J. Coots and Kristen Stout c2007

Foundations of aural rehabilitation: children, adults and their family members / Nancy Tye-Murray c2004
617.8/ TYEM

Genes, hearing, and deafness: from molecular biology to clinical practice / edited by A Martini, D Stephens and A Read c2007

Sign bilingual education: policy and practice / Ruth Swanick and Susan Gregory c2007
Q371.912/ SWAN

Using phonics to teach reading and spelling / John Bald c2007
372.46/ BALD


Auslan Story Books / RIDBC c2006
DVD 419/AUSL-14

Being a dad 2: bringing the baby home / Snapper Lounge Media c2007
DVD 618.24/BEIN-1

Betty’s book: vol. 1/ RIDBC c2006
DVD 419/BETT/Vol. 1

Betty’s book: vol. 2 / RIDBC c2006
DVD 419/BETT/Vol. 2

A matter of interpretation: academics, deaf students & Auslan interpreters / Student Support Services, Equity Support Unit, Macquarie University c2003
DVD 371.912/MACQ

Through deaf eyes / PBS Home Video c2007
DVD 305.908162/THRO
DVD 419/AUSL-14

Being a dad 2: bringing the baby home / Snapper Lounge Media c2007
DVD 618.24/BEIN-1

Betty’s book: vol. 1/ RIDBC c2006
DVD 419/BETT/Vol. 1

Betty’s book: vol. 2 / RIDBC c2006
DVD 419/BETT/Vol. 2

A matter of interpretation: academics, deaf students & Auslan interpreters / Student Support Services, Equity Support Unit, Macquarie University c2003
DVD 371.912/MACQ

Through deaf eyes / PBS Home Video c2007
DVD 305.908162/THRO


Being Dad: a guide to pregnancy and birth for Dads - Snapper Lounge Media c2005
DVD 618.24/BEIN

Concise encyclopedia of special education 2nd ed /edited by Cecil R Reynolds and Elaine Fletcher-Janzen c2002
R 371.9/REYN

Consultation, collaboration & teamwork for students with special needs / Peggy Dettmer, Lynda P. Thurston and Norma J. Dyck c2005
371.90973/DETT 2005

Crashing though / Robert Kurson c2007

Ear, nose and throat diseases : a pocket reference 2nd rev ed / Beck, Nauman and Pfaltz c1994

Hearing instrument technology for the hearing health care professional 3rd ed / Andi Vonlanthen and Horst Arndt c2007

Identifying special needs in the early years / Kay Mathieson c2007

The international guide to speech acquisition/ edited by Sharynne McLeod c2007

The online learning idea book: 95 proven ways to enhance technology-based and blended learning / ed by Patti Shank c2007

Preschool language assessment instrument PLAI 2 / Marion Blank, Susan A. Rose & Laura Berlin c2003

Team around the child: working together in early childhood intervention/ edited by Sue Davies c2007

Blackwell handbook of adolescence /edited by Gerald R. Adams & Michael D. Berzonsky c2006
155.5/ BLAC

Blackwell handbook of childhood cognitive development / edited by Usha Goswami c2007
155.413/ BLAC

Blackwell handbook of childhood social development / edited by Peter K. Smith & Craig H. Hart c2004
305.231/ BLAC

Blackwell handbook of infant development / edited by Gavin Bremmer & Alan Fogel c2007
305.232/ BLAC

Bug: deaf identity and internal revolution / Christopher Jon Heuer c2007
818.609/ HEUE

Early childhood curriculum: a creative-play model 4th ed / Carol E. Catron & Jan Allen c2008
372.19/ CATR/ 2008

Language for learning: a practical guide for supporting pupils with language and communication difficulties across the curriculum / Sue Hayden & Emma Jordan c 2007
371.9144941/ HAYD

Mini-steps and milestones: a history of services for young children who are blind or visually impaired/ Virginia E. Bishop c2006
362.410830973/ BISH

Otoacoustic emissions: clinical applications 3rd ed / Martin S. Robinette & Theodore J. Glattke c2007
617.8/ ROBI

Quick-guides to inclusion: ideas for educating students with disabilities 2nd ed / Michael F. Giangreco & Mary Beth Doyle c2007
Q371.9046/ GIAN/ 2007

Teaching students with special needs in inclusive settings 5th ed / T. Smith et al c2008
371.9046/TEAC/ 2008

Trandisciplinary play-based intervention: guidelines for developing a meaningful curriculum for young children / Toni W. Linder c2002
305.2310287/ LIND

Understanding visual impairment: visual activity simulations / Louise Connelly & Alison Wells c2006
649.1511/ CONN

Verbal behaviour analysis: inducing and expanding new verbal capabilities in children with language delays / R. D. Greer & D. E. Ross c2008
155.4 /GREE


Auditory processing disorders : assessment, management, and treatment / Donna Geffner & Deborah Ross-Swain. c2007
617.8 GEFF

Children with hearing loss : developing listening and talking - Birth to Six / Elizabeth B. Cole & Carol Flexer. 2007
617.89 COLE

The developing child / Helen Bee & Denise Boyd. 11th ed. c2007
Q155.4 BEE 2007

Dreaming stories : a springboard for learning / Jenni Connor. c2007
372.21 CONN

Handbook of (central) auditory processing disorder : auditory neuroscience and diagnosis (Volume 1) / Frank E. Musiek & Gail D. Chermak. c2007
617.8 MUSI V. 1

Handbook of (central) auditory processing disorder : comprehensive intervention (Volume 2) / Frank E. Musiek & Gail D. Chermak. c2007
617.8 MUSI V. 2

Organizing and managing your research : a practical guide for postgraduates / Renata Phelps, Kath Fisher & Allan Ellis. c2007
001.42 PHEL

Take my hand / Audery M. Revell. c2006
362.41092 REVE

Through deaf eyes : a photographic history of an American community / Douglas C. Bayton, Jack R. Cannon & Jean Lindquist Bergey. c2007
Q305.908162  BAYN

Vision, perception, and cognition : a manual for the evaluation and treatment of the adult with acquired brain injury / Barbara Zoltan. 4th ed. c2007.
616.8103 ZOLT

Waardenburg syndrome / Alice Kahn. c2007
617.8042 KAHN


Children with Cerebral Palsy: a manual for therapists, parents and community workers / Archie Hinchcliffe. c2003
618.92836 HINC

Commonsense methods for children with special educational needs / Peter Westwood. 5th ed. c2007
371.9046 WEST 2007

The early intervention dictionary [reference]: a multidisciplinary guide to terminology / Jeanine G. Coleman. 3rd ed. c2006
NOT FOR LOAN R362.1968 COLE 2006

Educational research in an age of accountability / Robert E. Slavin. c2007
370.72 SLAV

The effective special education teacher: a practical guide for success / Laurie U. deBettencourt and Lori A. Howard. c2007
Q371.9043 DEBE

Essentials of active learning in preschool: getting to know the High/Scope curriculum / Ann S. Epstein. c2007
372.21 EPST

Foundations of pediatric audiology: identification and assessment / Fred H. Bess and Judith S. Gravel. c2006
Q618.920978 BESS

How to do a research project: a guide for undergraduate students / Colin Robson. c2007
001.42 ROBS

Sound it out! Phonics in a comprehensive reading program / John F. Savage. 3rd ed. c2006
372.465 SAVA

Surgical consent: bioethics and cochlear implantation / edited by Linda Komesaroff. c2007
305.908162 KOME

A teacher's guide to including students with disabilities in general physical education / Martin E. Block. 3rd ed. c2007
371.904486 BLOC 2007


Cochlear implants / Susan B. Waltzman and J. Thomas Roland Jnr. 2nd ed. c2006
Q617.882 WALT 2006

Developing portfolios in education: a guide to reflection, inquiry, and assessment / Ruth S. Johnson, J. Sabrina Moms-Cox and Adelaide Doyle-Nichols. c2006
370.7155 JOHN

Discovering letters and sounds / Christine Topfer. c2007
372.21 TOPF

E-Learning by design / William Horton. c2006
378.1734 HORT

Hearing: an introduction to psychological and physiological acoustics / Stanley A. Gelfand. 4th ed. c2004
612.85 GELF

Language testing and assessment: an advanced resource book / Glenn Fulcher and Fred Davidson. c2007
Q618.92855 FULC

Neither - nor: a young Australian's experience with deafness / Paul Gordon Jacobs. c2007
362.420994 JACO

Phonics pathways: clear steps to easy reading and perfect spelling / Dolores G. Hiskes. 9th ed. c2005
372.465 HISK

Play = learning: how play motivates and enhances children's cognitive and social-emotional growth / edited by Dorothy G. Singer, Roberta Michnick Golinkoff and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek. c2006
155.418 PLAY

Programming and planning in early childhood settings / Leonie Arthur…[et al.] 3rd ed. c2005
Q372.21 ARTH 2005

The special educator's book of lists / Roger Pierangelo. 2nd ed. c2003
371.9 PIER


Anatomy and physiology study guide for speech and hearing / William R. Culbertson, Stephanie S. Cotton and Dennis C. Tanner. c2006
Q612.0076 CULB

Autism, play and social interaction / Lone Gammeltoft and Marianne Sollok Nordenhof. c2007
371.94 GAMM

Children with visual impairments: a parent's guide / edited by M. Cay Holbrook. 2nd ed. c2006
649.1511 HOLB 2006

Color atlas of ENT diagnosis / Tony R. Bull. c2003
617.51 BULL

How language works: how babies babble, words change meaning and languages live or die / David Crystal. c2005
410 CRYS

How to reach and teach all children in the inclusive classroom: practical strategies, lessons, and activities / Sanda F. Rief and Julie A. Heimburge. 2nd ed. c2006
Q371.9046 RIEF 2006

The Ling series [electronic resource]: volume 1 / Auditory-Verbal Learning Institute. c2004
KIT 618.920978 LING

Married with special-needs children: a couple's guide to keeping connected / Laura E. Marshak and Fran Pollock Prezant. c2007
649.151 MARS

Sign of the times [DVD]: the story of New Zealand's visual language / Handmade Productions Aotearoa. c2006
DVD 305.908162 MANN

Single-case designs for educational research / Craig H. Kennedy. c2005
370.72 KENN

Sound beginnings: learning and development in the early years / Pamela May, Erica Ashford and Gill Bottle. c2006
372.21 MAY


Assessing and promoting social competence in preschool children with communication disorders [kit] / Michael Guralnick and Mabel Rice. c2003
Q155.418 GURA

Early speech and language skills: a sensorimotor approach / Maria Monschein. c2006
618.92855 MONS

Inclusion strategies: supporting effective inclusion and attainment / Royal National Institute for the Deaf. c2004
Q371.9126 RNID-1

Introduction to audiology / Frederick N. Martin and John Greer Clark. 9th ed. c2006
617.8 MART 2006

Introduction to sound: acoustics for the hearing and speech sciences / Charles E. Speaks. 3rd ed. c1999
534 SPEA 1999

Simply signing: characteristics and consequences for speech perception by young children with impaired hearing / Robyn Cantle Moore. c2005
Q617.882 CANT

Superhuman [videorecording]: the awesome power within / BBC. c2000

Test of auditory processing skills 3 [kit] / Nancy Martin and Rick Brownell. 3rd ed. c2005
KIT Q401.930287 MART 2005

Teacher's stories: using STELLA as a framework for professional learning / edited by Marion Meiers. c2006
372.26 MEIE

Quality teaching in NSW public schools: as assessment practice guide / NSW DET. c2004
Q371.102 QUAL-1


Australian sign language: an introduction to sign language linguistics / Trevor Johnston and Adam Schembri. c2007
419 JOHN-1

A handful of sounds: cued articulation in practice / edited by Jane Passy. c2003
421.5 PASS

Let's make a start [DVD]: early language and numeracy options / directed by Stuart Jackson. c2003
DVD 372.21 JACK

The Macular Degeneration handbok: natural ways to prevent and reverse it / Chet Cunningham. c2003
617.735 CUNN

Making sense of phonics: the hows and whys / Isabel L. Beck. c2006
372.465 BECK

Multilingualism and sign languages: from the Great Plains to Australia / edited by Ceil Lucas. c2006
419 LUCA-6

Re-imagining educational leadership / Brian J. Caldwell. c2006
371.2 CALD

Sound and fury [DVD]: six years later / directed by Josh Aronson. c2006
DVD 305.908162 SOUN-1

Teaching and learning difficulties: cross-curricular perspectives / Peter Westwood. 2006
Q371.9043 WEST

Capture the moment: using digital photography in early childhood settings / Kim Walters. c2006
372.21 WALT

Deafness and challenging behaviour: the 360 degree perspective / Sally Austen and Dave Jeffery, editors. c2007
362.42019 AUST-1

The effects of genetic hearing impairment in the family / Dafydd Stephens and Lesley Jones. c2006
617.8042 STEP

Eight ways at once: multiple intelligences + revised Blooms taxonomy = 200 differentiated classroom strategies / Helen McGrath and Toni Noble. c2005
Q372.01 MCGR-1 2005 BK. 1

Eight ways at once: units of work based on multiple intelligences + revised Blooms taxonomy / Helen McGrath and Toni Noble. c2005
Q372.01 MCGR-1 2005 BK. 2

Improving early literacy: strategies and activities for struggling students (K-3) / Wilma H. Miller. c2005
Q372.6 MILL

Literacies in childhood: changing views, challenging practice / Laurie Makin, Criss Jones Diaz, Claire McLachlan. 2nd ed. c2007
372.6 MAKI-3 2007

A practical guide to quality interaction with children who have a hearing loss / Morag Clark. c2006
371.912 CLAR-1

A pocket guide to the ear / Albert L. Menner. c2003
617.8 MENN

Lifting and carrying [kit] / Safetycare Australia. c2000
KIT Q613.62 LIFT

The vocabulary teacher's book of lists / Edward B. Fry. c2004
Q372.6 FRY


Auditory disorders in school children: the law, identification, remediation / Ross J. Roeser and Marion P. Downs. 4th ed. c2004
618.920978 ROES 2004

The complete guide to Asperger's Syndrome / Tony Attwood. c2007
618.928982 ATTW

Dealing with food allergy [kit]: a practical guide to the management of food allergy and anaphylaxis / Allergy Unit, RPA Hospital. c2002
KIT 616.975 DEAL

Fundamental of hearing: an introduction / William A. Yost. 5th ed. c2007
617.8 YOST

Guidelines: practical tips for working and socializing with deaf-blind people / Theresa B. Smith. c2002
Q362.418 SMIT 2002

Guiding children's social development: theory to practice / M. Kostelnik…[et al.] 5th ed. c2006
Q155.4 KOST

Inclusion: strategies for working with young children: a resource guide for teachers, childcare providers, and parents / Lorraine O. Moore. 2nd ed. c2003
Q371.9046 MOOR

The learning and teaching of reading and writing / Naomi Flynn and Rhona Stainthorp. c2006
372.6 FLYN

Teaching writing to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners / Donovan R. Walling. c2006
372.623 WALL

Vision and the emergence of meaning: blind and sighted children's early language / Anne Dunlea. c1989
401.9 DUNL

Women and deafness: double visions / Brenda Jo Brueggemann and Susuan Burch (eds.). c2006
305.908162 BRUE

ABAS II [kit]. [School kit and Infant and Preschool kit] : adaptive behaviour assessment system / Patti L. Harrison and Thomas Oakland. 2nd ed. c2003 
KIT 155.24 HARR

At the cutting edge: the importance of phonemic awareness in learning to read and spell / Tom Nicholson. c2005 372.465 NICH

AuSpLan (Auditory Speech and Language): a manual for professionals working with children who have cochlear implants or amplification / Adeline McClatchie, MaryKay Therres. c2003
Q617.882 MCCL

Creating circles of friends: a peer support and inclusion workbook / Colin Newton and Derek Wilson. c2003
Q371.9046 NEWT

Exploring quality: how to audit, review and profile your school's provision for pupils who have multiple disabilities and visual impairment / Judy Bell and Lucy Naish. c2005
Q371.911 BELL

Gaillard and deaf America: a portrait of the deaf community, 1917 / Bob Buchanan, ed. c2002
362.420973 BUCH

HIV/AID's and deaf communities / Constanze Schmaling and Leila Monaghan, ed. c2006
305.908162 SCHM

My turn to learn: an up-to-date guide for parents of babies and children with hearing loss / Susan Lane, Lori Bell, Terry Parson-Tylka. 2nd ed. c2006
649.152 LANE

An orientation and mobility teaching approach for guide dog travel [videorecording]: mastering the environment through audition, kinesthesia and cognition / Helene Guerette and Carole Zabihaylo. c2000
VIDEO 362.4183 GUER

Screening for central auditory processing difficulties: a screening tool for kindergarten and second grade / Dorothy A. Kelly. c2001
KIT Q618.920978 KELL

Standards for middle and high school literacy coaches / International Reading Association in collaboration with National Council of Teachers of English … [et al.] c2005
Q372.4 STAN


A basic introduction to speech perception / Jack Ryalls. c1996
401.93 RYAL

Blackwood handbook of early childhood development / Kathleen McCartney and Deborah Phillips, editors. c2006
305.231 MCCA

Career counseling for people with disabilities: a practical guide to finding employment / Karen E. Wolffe. c1997
373.0111 WOLF

Deafnicity: a study of strategic and adaptive responses to audism by members of the Deaf American community of culture / by Richard Clark Eckert. c2005
305.908162 ECKE

Developing play for under 3's: the treasure basket and heuristic play / Anita M. Hughes. c2006
372.21 HUGH

Diversity and difference: lighting the spirit of identity / Aunty Kerry Mundine and Miriam Giugni. c2006
372.21 MUND

Learning to teach inclusively: student teachers' classroom inquiries / by Celia Oyler. c2006
371.9046 OYLE

Manual of articulation and phonological disorders: infancy through adulthood / Ken M. Bleile. 2nd ed. c2004
616.855 BLEI

Partners in play: assessing infants and toddlers in natural contexts / Gail L. Ensher…[et al.] c2007
155.40287 ENSH

Six of the best: the lives of Australian blind women / Frances I. Gentle. c2006
Q362.41092 GENT

Social and emotional functioning of children with cochlear implants / Efrat Altshul Schorr. c2005
617.882 SCHO