A list of video conferencing options for University of Newcastle Researchers

Video conferencing

Desktop video conferencing allows researchers to initiate and participate in video conferences from their computer.

Best results are achieved when headphones are used, especially when more than two parties participate.

Wikipedia maintains a comprehensive article containing many other Video Conferencing solutions.

What is it and how do I get it? When should I use it? What caveats or obstacles are there? *Support
AAR Net Anywhere   End User
Access Grid The University of Newcastle has two Access Grid rooms available. For further information visit the UON Access Grid page.The Access Grid is an ensemble of resources including multimedia large-format displays, presentation, interactive environments, interfaces to Grid middleware & to visualisation environments.

These resources are used to support group to group interactions across the Grid.

Access Grid is designed to be installed in a permanent facility with multiple screens and peripherals.

It generally requires a local technician and is less suited to simple video conferencing between individuals.

UON Supported

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect for eLearning provides novices & experts alike with the capabilities to easily create & deliver compelling self paced online courses, conduct highly interactive virtual classes and efficiently manage training programs.


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Being There

Based on Vidyo


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GoToMeeting allows you to hold online meetings with up to 25 attendees.

During a online meeting you can share either your whole screen or just a specific application, record a meeting session or draw and highlight the screen and chat using text with others.


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GoToTraining online training software lets you hold interactive training sessions with up to 200 people right from your desk.

Once you start your training you can share either your whole screen or a specific application.

The pen, highlighter, arrow and spotlight tools help you interact via the screen You can record your training sessions, including all phone and computer audio for future review and re-use.


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Free.  There are applications for Windows, Mac and Linux.

We recommend using Skype for ad-hoc, one-on-one video or multi party audio calls. Skype is usually quite straight forward to set up and get started.

Although group chat (text) and group audio calls are available, group video conferencing is currently in Beta and only available for Windows.

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UON Video conferencing rooms

Video conferencing rooms at the UON are facilities that are room-based and have the necessary equipment installed and ready to use.

The people you wish to communicate with must have compatible equipment at their end.

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*Support Source of Support for Service
UON Supplied Deployed, managed and supported by the University and provided to Researchers at no additional cost.
UON Supported Deployed, managed and supported by the University with some additional costs to the Researcher, Centre or Faculty.
End User The item is end user supported. The University is not in a position to provide technical support or assurances that the product will work within the University environment.
External (Organisation) Deployed, managed and supported by an organisation external to the University. Additional costs may apply.