A list of Survey tools for University of Newcastle Researchers

Survey tools

Conducting surveys is an important part of many research projects.

Many software tools are able to assist researchers where respondents are able to complete the survey electronically.

What is it and how do I get it? When should I use it? What caveats or obstacles are there? *Support?
DC 17 DC17 is a project currently being developed at the University of Newcastle to conduct surveys on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers. Currently under development. End User
LimeSurvey LimeSurvey is an open-source software for conducting surveys. A server is needed to host the software. End User
Survey Monkey Survey Monkey is a popular online tool for conducting surveys.It has both free & commercial options available depending on requirements. There may be issues with participant responses being stored on a external server. External (Survey Monkey)

* Support Source of Support for Service
UON Supplied Deployed, managed and supported by the University and provided to Researchers at no additional cost.
UON Supported Deployed, managed and supported by the University with some additional costs to the Researcher, Centre or Faculty.
End User The item is end user supported. The University is not in a position to provide technical support or assurances that the product will work within the University environment.
External (Organisation) Deployed, managed and supported by an organisation external to the University. Additional costs may apply.