A list of Issue Tracking services and software products for University of Newcastle Researchers

Issue tracking

Issue Tracking software is used to keep track of problems and tasks, including due dates, who is responsible, outcomes and so on.

Issue tracking software sometimes requires a server to be set up. Before attempting to set up your own, talk to either your e Research analyst or your on campus IT support group to discover hosting options available to you.

Wikipedia maintains a comprehensive list of comparison issue tracking software solutions.

What is it and how do I get it? When should I use it? What caveats or obstacles are there? *Support?


JIRA can be purchased from Atlassian. You can try it out online or download it at the Atlassian website.

Intersect hosts JIRA, so you can contact your eResearch analyst to get your own issue tracking service on our servers.

Use JIRA if you want to track your issues using an easy to use and highly customisable tracking system.

Use JIRA also if you are tracking issues for more than one project at a time.

JIRA can be difficult to maintain if you want to make a lot of customisations to it.

External (Intersect) or End User


Available at no cost to researchers.

You can also try out an example installation of Trac

Use Trac if you need a simple-to-use issue tracking tool or need excellent integration with version control software such as SVN.

Trac can be difficult to install and it doesn't have good support for managing issues for more than one project, at a time.

End User

* Support Source of Support for Service
UON Supplied Deployed, managed and supported by the University and provided to Researchers at no additional cost.
UON Supported Deployed, managed and supported by the University with some additional costs to the Researcher, Centre or Faculty.
End User The item is end user supported. The University is not in a position to provide technical support or assurances that the product will work within the University environment.
External (Organisation) Deployed, managed and supported by an organisation external to the University. Additional costs may apply.