Information on getting financial assistance for research grants for University of Newcastle Researchers

Financial Assistance

Incorporated within Financial Services is a Research Accounting team. The staff within this group can assist you with preparing Financial Reports, raising invoices to Funding Bodies/Sponsors and current account balances for research cost collectors.

ContactContact For
Damien Ryan
Senior Research Accountant
T: (02) 492 16608
Joanna Tang
Research Accountant
T: (02) 49215777
FEBE (except 513 – School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
Tess Webb
Finance Officer (Research)
T: (02) 49212016
513 – School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science 
671 - School of Biomedical Science
Kylee Rankin
Finance Officer
(02) 49217869
FEDUA, FBUSL, Divisions

593 - Research Institute for Gender & Health
670 - PVC Health Office
672 - School of Health Science
674 - Nursing
675 - Family Action Centre
676 - University Department of Rural Health
677 - CRRMH Orange
Loga Jayakumar
Finance Officer (Research)
(02) 49215602
Mary Slattery
Finance Officer (Research)
T: (02) 49216346
673 - School of Medicine and Public Health
Karen Southwell
Finance Training Officer
(02) 49217098
Researchers Training on Technology One Financials

Funding Conditions 

It is a researcher's responsibility to ensure that funds are spent in accordance with any conditions governing the use of funds and for the approved project. If you require further information or clarification regarding the funding conditions please contact the appropriate Senior Grants Officer.

For assistance in arranging the payment of an invoice for services/consumables (e.g. for a supplier) please contact your School/Faculty assistant.