Research Grants Establishment form for University of Newcastle Researchers

Research Advantage

Grant Establishment Form

The Research Grant Establishment Form is to be used for the establishment of all research funding via Research Services.

This form enables the Grants Team to get a clear picture of the source, value and purpose, of the funding. It also collects information, to enable the University to meet government reporting obligations and to help ensure the ethical and safe conduct of research.

In 2008, the Government changed the codes for reporting on research. Please ensure that you use the revised SEO codes and FoR codes (replaces RFCD). Please ensure you answer every question prior to submitting both forms.

Submitting the Form

The completed Research Grant Establishment form can be emailed without signatures to OR as a signed hard copy to Research Services, The Chancellery.

Once the form has been received, the grant establishment process can begin. Please be aware that access to the research funds will not be provided until all ethics and safety clearances have been issued.

Please contact the Grant Teams on (02) 492 17733 if you require any further clarification or have any questions.

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