NHMRC Project Grant Scheme information for Researchers at the University of Newcastle

Project Grants

For Funding Commencing in 2015

The Project Grants Scheme is the NHMRC's main avenue of support for individuals, including New Investigators, or teams of up to ten Chief Investigators undertaking new research in biomedical, public health and health services research. All Project Grants applications must be of five years or less.

Applications are to be drafted and submitted in RGMS.

A complete Project Grant Application must consist of the following:

  1. Completion of Parts A and B (including the Grant Proposal pdf) of the application form; and
  2. The relevant information in your RGMS profile and CV

*Please note: This is a marked reduction in application size from previous rounds, and part of the NHMRC's effort to streamline application and assessment processes.

Key Dates

Project Grants for funding commencing in 2015 are now closed.

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NOI due to Research Office 8 October 2013
Project Grant scheme opens 4 December 2013  
Citizenship Waiver Requests22 January 2014
New Investigator rulings22 January 2014
Full Eligibility and Compliance Review 5 February 2014
Internal closing date *19 February 2014
NHMRC submission 5 March 2014

*Please note: Internal Closing Date requires provision of final, submission-ready proposals and all associated documentation. As Research Office staff will be conducting critical Final Checks on all proposals received by the Internal Closing Date, we will be unable to provide applicants who do not meet this deadline with further advice or assistance with their application after 19 February 2014. Applicants seeking assistance in completing their application after the Internal Closing Date will be referred directly to the Funding Rules and Instructions to Applicants.

*Please note: Applications received after the Research Office Internal Closing Date will not be eligible for the University of Newcastle Near Miss Grant.



Prior to submission of an application, applicants are to ensure they have read all relevant reference material outlined on the Project Grants page on the NHMRC website, including:

  • Funding Rules
  • Advice and Instructions to Applicants 
  • Grant Proposal template
  • Guide for Peer Review Areas
  • Criteria for Health and Medical Research of Indigenous Australians 
  • Budget Mechanism for Project Grant funding commencing in 2015
  • 2014 NHMRC Project Grants Category Descriptors
  • RGMS Profile and CV requirements
  • RGMS Offline Forms

*Please note: There are significant changes to New Investigator eligibility criterion for the 2014 Project Grants funding round, including the opportunity for an NHMRC eligibility ruling (deadline of 22 January 2014).


Our Office will release eligibility checklists in January based on the updated funding rules:


Submission Process

In order for our Office to review your application (draft or final), the CIA must certify the application in RGMS via the Certification tab. This will result in the status changing to 'Submitted to RAO' - which equates to 'Research Administration Office' NOT the NHMRC. This process locks the application to allow a static review; no editing is possible by either the CIA or our Office when the application is certified.

At draft review deadline, the application should be complete enough to conduct a comprehensive review of eligibility using our Office checklist. At final review deadline, the application should be ready for NHMRC submission. Our Office will submit the application to the NHMRC, unless critical edits are deemed necessary. In this instance, the application will be decertified to allow the CIA to make critical edits. The CIA then recertifies the application and our Office submits the application to the NHMRC without further review.

CI and AI certifications are due 19 February 2014. The application will not be submitted to the NHMRC until our Office has received email certifications from all named CI and AIs.


For tips on completing your NHMRC Rebuttal, please refer to the Rebuttal Tips 2014 document. The NHMRC Project Grants webpage also contains valuable information on the Rebuttal process.

NHMRC Reporting

If you have any outstanding NHMRC Progress or Final Reports, please complete these and forward to Rebecca Ford as soon as possible. Your application may be ruled ineligible if you have any outstanding obligations.

Funding by Other Organisations

For funding commencing in 2015, organisations offering external funding through the NHMRC Project Grants funding scheme are:

Other organisations that may have funding available to support research in specific areas identified through the NHMRC Project Grants gap funding scheme are:

For more information on how to apply for funding from other organisations applicants should refer to NHMRC Project Grants Funding Rules for funding commencing in 2015.

Please forward the completed Additional/Supplementary Questions relevant to the other funding organisations to Neroli Finlay phone ext. 15353 by 19 February 2014.

Not For Further Consideration (NFFC) Process:

The NFFC process identifies the least competitive applications received by NHMRC based on initial scores provided by the primary and secondary spokespersons and aims to remove them from progressing further through to the face-to-face GRP process. The NHMRC has indicated that the percentage of NFFC Projects Grants will be increased in this round to 50%.


Comprehensive information on RGMS is available at the NHMRC RGMS webpage. Further resources are being developed via User Guides.

The RGMS Library contains the RGMS User Guide, My Profile and CV Requirements, video tutorials and RGMS Off-line forms (including CV).

*Please note: RGMS automatically allocates an application number on commencement of the application in RGMS. You are no longer required to obtain an application ID from the Research Office.

Further Information

Further Information:

The Research Office holds copies of successful NHMRC Project grant applications. If you would like to make an appointment to view these please contact Luke Layzell phone ext. 17733. While these are worthwhile reading, it is important to note that application requirements change significantly each year.

For further information on the NHMRC Project Grants please email Luke Layzell.