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NHMRC Partnerships for Better Health – Partnership Projects (Partnership Projects) will help create partnerships among decision makers, policy makers, managers, clinicians and researchers. The Partnership Projects scheme provides funding and support to create new opportunities for researchers and policy makers to work together to define research questions, undertake research, and interpret and implement the findings into policy and practice.

Partnership Projects will answer a specific research question to influence health and well-being through changes in the delivery, organisation, funding and access to health services.For further information please refer to the Partnership Projects section of the NHMRC website.

Continuous Application Process

This scheme allows applicant to apply at any time during the year rather than through just the one annual round, to allow researchers and partner organisations to develop timely collaborations. The grant commencement date is not fixed for 1 January - it will be aligned with the timing of each peer review cycle.

Peer review of applications will occur in three distinct cycles:

  • Peer Review Cycle #1 - July 2017
  • Peer Review Cycle #2 - November 2017
  • Peer Review Cycle #3 - April 2018

Applications will proceed to peer review depending on when they are submitted to NHMRC. For example, for an application to be peer reviewed in the first cycle (PRC #1); applicants must ensure minimum data requirements are met by 29 March 2017, and the application must be submitted by 12 April 2017. Applications that have met minimum data requirements but are submitted by the application due date will remain active. The applicant may continue to work on the application and submit to the next available peer review cycle.

Key Dates

 2017 Peer Review Cycle (PRC) #22017 Peer Review Cycle (PRC) #3
Applications open in RGMSThursday 30 March 2017Thursday 17 August 2017
UON Online Booking System OpenFriday 31 March 2017Friday 18 August 2017
Eligibility and Compliance Check PeriodThursday 27 July - Wednesday 2 August 2017 Thursday 16 November - Wednesday 22 November 2017
Administering Institution Waiver Thursday 20 July 2017Wednesday 8 November 2017
Minimum Data Requirement 5:00pm Wednesday 2 August 20175:00pm Wednesday 22 November 2017
UON Deadline for Final Application5:00pm Wednesday 9 August 20175:00pm Wednesday 29 November 2017
NHMRC Submission 5:00pm Wednesday 16 August 20175:00pm Wednesday 6 December 2017

*Please note:

  • UON Deadline for Final Application requires provision of final, submission-ready proposals and all associated documentation.
  • Schools and Faculties may have their own internal dates for the purpose of peer review/Head of School and Assistant Dean (Research) approval etc. Please contact your School Executive Officer and Faculty Research & Research Training Officer or Faculty Research Development Manager for further information on School/Faculty internal processes.

Submission Process

The CIA must certify the application in RGMS via the Certification tab. This will result in the status changing to 'Submitted to RAO' - which equates to 'Research Administration Office' NOT the NHMRC. This process locks the application to allow an eligibility and compliance review.

CI and AI certifications are due by the round specific UON Deadline for Final Application along with final, submission-ready proposals and all associated documentation. Please note, the application cannot be submitted to the NHMRC until our Office has received email certifications from all named CI and AIs, as well as the fully signed Coversheet.

Minimum Data Requirement

To be eligible to apply, the following sections of the application form must be completed in RGMS by the dates identified above:

  • A-PA Part A General (specifically the Administering Institution, Application Title, Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Research and Synopsis)
  • A-RC Research Classification
  • A-RT Research Team (add core team members if known, noting that team members may be added or deleted after the minimum data deadline until the close of applications)

    *Using placeholder text such as "text", "synopsis" or "xx" etc. are not acceptable as minimum data.

Please note: Failure to meet this deadline will result in the application not proceeding (see section 10.7 of the NHMRC Funding Rules 2017 for further information).


Prior to submission of an application, applicants are to ensure that they have read all relevant reference material provided on the Partnership Projects section of the NHMRC website including:


Comprehensive information on RGMS is available at the NHMRC RGMS webpage. Further resources are being developed via User Guides.

The RGMS Training Program contains the RGMS User Guide, My Profile and CV Requirements, video tutorials and RGMS Off-line forms (including CV).

Access to Successful Applications

Research Services can provide researchers with access to view successful applications where the lead Chief Investigator has provided consent.

Applications must be viewed in hard copy in the Research Services office (Block C-NIER) or by special arrangement at HMRI.

How to Arrange to View a Successful Application

Contact research-applications@newcastle.edu.au to request access to view successful applications for a specific scheme. Please include preferred date(s), time(s) and location.

Confirmation of the date, time and venue will be provided to you by Research Services staff.