University of Newcastle Research Advisory Group (RAG) membership information and monthly meeting dates

Research Advisory Group (RAG)

The Research Advisory Group (RAG) is a working group of the Research Committee (RC). RAG provides advice on research funding to the RC and makes decisions on applications for UoN Internal Research Grants.

The current membership includes

Chair Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation)Professor Deborah Hodgson
Assistant Deans (Research) Faculty of Business and Law Associate Professor Jim Jose
  Faculty of Education and Arts Professor Hugh Craig
  Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment Professor Stephen Fityus
  Faculty of Health and Medicine Professor Robert Callister
  Faculty of Science and Information Technology Professor Adam McCluskey

Research Advisory Meeting Dates

All applications for University of Newcastle Research funding require the Assistant Dean (Research) and Deputy Vice Chancellor signatures prior to the submission to the Research Office. To arrange these signatures please submit your application to the relevant Faculty Research contact allowing time for these signatures to be organised.

For all schemes requiring Research Advisory Group (RAG) approval the following must be submitted to the Research Office:

  1. One fully signed single sided paper copy delivered to the Research Office; and
  2. One electronic copy submitted using Electronic Submission

Applications for grants where the decision is made by the RAG, must be submitted to the Research Office by the dates listed below:

2013 Meeting Dates Closing Date for Applications       Venue
29 January Cancelled  
17 April 10 April Room SRS16
19 June 10 June Room CH323
21 August 12 August Committee Room 
23 October 14 October Committee Room
6 December 27 November Canberra Room

*Please allow for meetings from 9am to 12pm although we will aim for 11am finish.