ARC Linkage Grants information for University of Newcastle Researchers

Linkage Projects

For Funding Commencing in 2014

The ARC Linkage Projects scheme supports collaborative research and development projects between higher education researchers and other parts of the national innovation system, which are undertaken to acquire new knowledge, and which involve risk or innovation.

Proposals for funding under Linkage Projects must involve a Partner Organisation from outside the higher education sector. The Partner Organisation(s) must make a significant cash and/or in kind to the project that is equal to, or greater than, the ARC funding.

For further information, please visit the Linkage Projects page on the ARC website.

Key Dates

The Linkage Projects scheme for funding commencing in 2014 is now closed.

Notice of Intent (internal)
Due to Research Office

9:00am Monday 16 September 2013

Linkage Grant Scheme OpensFriday 27 September 2013
Full Compliance and Eligibility Review Wednesday 16 October 2013
Internal Closing DateWednesday 30 October 2013
ARC ClosesWednesday 13 November 2013

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Notification of Intent to apply (NOI)

From 2013 the University of Newcastle has introduced an NOI process for all major ARC and NHMRC funding rounds to ensure applicants are provided with the best possible support in the development of their application and to maximise the University's success in major competitive rounds.

It is now strongly encouraged that all applicants intending to submit an ARC Linkage Project proposal for funding commencing in 2015 first submit an NOI to the Research Office. NOIs will be provided to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), the relevant Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor and Assistant Dean (Research) and the applicant's Head of School to assist with strategic planning around ARC Linkage Project applications and to facilitate a peer review process and provide support to applicants in the development of their proposal.

NOIs should be submitted to the Research Office by 9:00am Monday 16 September 2013

AusIndustry R&D Tax Incentive page

Under the R&D Tax Incentive, businesses can offset the cost of eligible R&D that is undertaken by them or through partners such as universities. This could be through eligible expenses in an ARC Linkage Projects grant, contract research, or a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC).

The R&D Tax Incentive provides a tax offset for eligible companies which reduce the cost and risk to businesses of undertaking R&D, increasing the incentive to invest in research and innovation. The University of Newcastle and Newcastle Innovation are both registered Research Service Providers (RSPs) for this scheme.

Further information on this scheme for researchers and industry can be found at AusIndustry R&D Tax Incentive page.

Further Information

For further information, please contact Neroli Finlay via email or phone on (02) 4921 5353

Important notes regarding lodgement of ARC applications

  1. In RMS, save each Part of the Proposal one final time
  2. Ensure all components of the Proposal are complete and valid
  3. Full Eligibility and Compliance Review: email the relevant Research Office contact ( when application is ready to review
  4. Internal Closing Date: to submit to the Research Office click on 'Submit Proposal to Research Office' located at the bottom of the Proposal Summary Page
  5. Submit the Written Evidence to the Research Office as detailed above in the Documents section.

RMS Access

As of 2013 the ARC's GAMS system will no longer be available. All new applications as well as final reports will need to be submitted in RMS.

Access to RMS is via the ARC website

You can also download the UoN help document 'How to set up a RMS Account and create a Partner Organisation' (DOC 38 KB).

Should you require further assistance using RMS please contact Neroli Finlay via email or phone on (02) 492 15353.

ARC Reporting

If you have a current ARC grant with outstanding reports, this could affect your eligibility for this scheme. Please see the University of Newcastle ARC Reporting page.

Tools for Completing Your Application

Confidentiality and IP

Please note: In past rounds, the ARC warranted confidentiality. The Funding Rules now state "the ARC gives no undertaking to keep confidential any information provided in the Proposal except where required by law."

Due to this change we recommend that if submitting a research project with potential IP which could be patented/exploited or involves an Industry Partner which requires confidentiality, applicants should insert the following sentence at the start of the Project Description within their application:

"The following project is disclosed to the ARC in confidence for the purpose only of applying for ARC Funding."

Useful Information for preparing your applications

Australian Taxation Office Allowances