ARC Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities information for University of Newcastle Researchers

Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities Scheme (LIEF)

For Funding Commencing in 2016

Research Office contact:

The ARC LIEF scheme provides funding for large-scale cooperative initiatives to enable the purchase of expensive infrastructure, equipment and facilities costing at least $150,000.For more information, please visit the LIEF page on the ARC website

Key Dates

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Funding rules for Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities 2017 were released on 10 September 2015. Proposals are due to open in February 2016. Visit the ARC website for further details. 

Notification of Intention to Apply due to Research Office

5.00 pm AEDT Monday 16 February 2015

LIEF Scheme opens

Thursday 19 February 2015

Request Not to Assess due to Research Office 5.00pm AEDT Tuesday 17 March 2015
Request Not to Assess due at ARC 5.00 pm AEDT Thursday 26 March 2015

Written Evidence / Certification

5.00pm AEDT Thursday 26 March 2015

Internal Closing Date*

5.00pm AEDT Thursday 26 March 2015

ARC closes

Thursday 9 April 2015

*Please note:

  • Internal Closing Date requires provision of final, submission-ready proposals, signed External application coversheet (includes ARC/NHMRC) (DOC) and all associated documentation. As Research Office staff will be conducting critical Eligibility and Compliance Reviews on all proposals received by the Internal Closing Date, we will be unable to provide applicants who do not meet this deadline with further advice or assistance with their application after 26 March 2015. Applicants seeking assistance in completing their application after the Internal Closing Date will be referred directly to the ARC Funding Rules and Instructions to Applicants.
  • Schools and Faculties may have their own internal dates for the purpose of peer review/Head of School and Assistant Dean (Research) approval etc. Please contact your School Executive Officer and Faculty Research & Research Training Officer or Faculty Research Development Manager for further information on School/Faculty internal processes.

Please review our ARC/NHMRC Grant Rounds Submission Procedures 2015 (PDF) for essential information regarding application submission under this scheme.

Notification of Intent to Apply (NOI)

It is a requirement for all applicants intending to submit an ARC LIEF grant commencing in 2016, either through University of Newcastle or through another institution, must submit a Notification of Intent to Apply (NOI) by the due date.

NOIs will be provided to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation) to determine the level of University contribution towards the proposal. NOIs may also be reviewed by a committee of NSW Pro/Deputy Vice-Chancellors (Research & Innovation), prior to submission of full applications to the ARC.

Applicants who do not submit an NOI by the above date will be required to seek formal Faculty Assistant Dean (Research) and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation) approval prior to providing a late NOI for consideration by the DVC (Research & Innovation).

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation) and relevant Faculty Assistant Deans (Research) and Faculty Heads of School will be also forwarded a copy of the relevant NOIs, for their information.

Organisational cash and in-kind support cannot be assured for applicants who do not submit an NOI by the advertised deadline.



Further Information

For further information regarding the ARC LIEF scheme, please contact or phone on (02) 4921 7733.

Important notes regarding lodgement of ARC applications

  1. In RMS, save each Part of the Proposal one final time
  2. Ensure all components of the Proposal are complete and valid
  3. Eligibility and Compliance Review: email the Research Office ( when application is ready to review
  4. Internal Closing Date: to submit to the Research Office click on 'Submit Proposal to Research Office' located at the bottom of the Proposal Summary Page
  5. Submit the Written Evidence to the Research Office as detailed above in the Documents section.

RMS Access

RMS allows researchers requesting funding under the ARC National Competitive Grants Program to prepare and submit proposals electronically via the internet.

Each proposal is completed by researchers and consists of an electronic document generated from a combination of data entered directly into the proposal form, and PDF documents attached to the proposal form in RMS 2.0.

 Note: The Admin Organisation will be The University of Newcastle

All new applications as well as final reports will need to be submitted to RMS.

RMS minimum system requirements

RMS 2.0 is compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Compatibility with different browsers or older versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer is not guaranteed.

ARC Reporting

If you have a current ARC grant with outstanding reports, this could affect your eligibility for this scheme. Please see the University of Newcastle ARC Reporting page.

Tools for Completing Your Application

Confidentiality and IP

Please note: In past rounds, the ARC warranted confidentiality. The Funding Rules now state "the ARC gives no undertaking to keep confidential any information provided in the Proposal except where required by law."

Due to this change we recommend that if submitting a research project with potential IP which could be patented/exploited or involves an Industry Partner which requires confidentiality, applicants should insert the following sentence at the start of the Project Description within their application:

"The following project is disclosed to the ARC in confidence for the purpose only of applying for ARC Funding."

Useful Information for preparing your applications

Australian Taxation Office Allowances