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This scheme is currently closed

The Future Fellowships scheme supports research in areas of critical national importance by giving outstanding researchers incentives to conduct their research in Australia. The aim of Future Fellowships is to attract and retain the best and brightest mid-career researchers.

At present many highly qualified mid-career researchers choose to work overseas to further their careers due to lack of opportunities in Australia. The Future Fellowships scheme addresses this problem and will significantly boost Australia's research and innovation capacity in areas of national importance.

Future Fellowships provides four-year fellowships to outstanding Australian mid-career researchers. In addition, the ARC may award the Administering Organisation up to $50 000 of non-salary funding per annum which may be used for personnel, equipment, travel and field research costs directly related to the Future Fellow's research.

Future Fellowships will encourage proposals from researchers working in areas of national priority. Preference will be given to those researchers who can demonstrate a capacity to build collaboration across industry and/or research institutions and/or with other disciplines.

Although international experience is important for Australian researchers, it is also important they have the opportunity to return home to continue their work.

One call for submission of Future Fellowships proposals is made each year.

For further information, please visit the Future Fellowships page on the ARC website.

Key Dates

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Key documents, including the Funding Rules, are now available. Visit the ARC Future Fellowship webpage for more details.

Proposals open in RMSTuesday 18 October 2016
UON Eligibility and Compliance Check Bookings openWednesday 19 October 2016
UON Eligibility and Compliance Check Bookings PeriodThursday 17 - Wednesday 23 November 2016
Eligibility Exemption Requests to the Research Office9:00am Thursday 17 November 2016
Strategic Statement due to Research Office via Faculty9:00am Thursday 17 November 2016
Request not to assess due to Research Office5:00pm Monday 21 November 2016
UON Deadline for Final Applications5:00pm Wednesday 30 November 2016
ARC close5:00pm Wednesday 7 December 2016

* Applicants are strongly encouraged to commence their application ASAP after the scheme opens in RMS so that they can book their preferred day for application review.

** The UON Deadline for final application requires provision of final, submission-ready proposals to Research Services submitted via the RMS system, as well as a fully signed External Grant Cover Sheet.

Please review our ARC/NHMRC Grant Rounds Submission Procedures (PDF) for essential information regarding application submission under this scheme.

Eligibility Exemption Requests

A Future Fellowship Candidate must at the closing time of submission of Proposals have been awarded a PhD on or between 1 March 2002 and 1 March 2012, unless non-overlapping career interruption(s) exist.

The ARC accept the following types of career interruption will be accepted:

  • disruption due to international relocation for post-doctoral studies or other research employment not exceeding three months per international relocation
  • unemployment
  • non-research employment not concurrent with research employment
  • illness
  • maternity or parental leave
  • carers’ responsibility, including:
    • being the primary carer of a dependent child, two years per dependent child
    • being the primary carer of a dependent child with extensive caring responsibilities due to reasons such as illness or disability of the child and/or
    • other caring responsibility.

All Eligibility Exemption Requests must be submitted to Research Services by 9am Thursday 17 November using the ‘FT17 UON Eligibility Exemption Request Form’ for approval by the DVC (Research & Innovation).

Final Reports and Eligibility

It is now an eligibility requirement for all ARC schemes that:

  • At the time of the submission of a Proposal, all obligations regarding previously funded Projects involving the participants named on the Proposal must have been fulfilled to the satisfaction of the ARC. Such obligations include the provision and acceptance of satisfactory Progress and Final Reports. (Discovery Funding Rules 2018; A6.2.2/Linkage Funding Rules 2018; A7.1.5)
  • A Final Report must be submitted for the Project within 12 months of the final payment or within 12 months of the final ARC approved Project end date. The form for this report will be made available by the ARC in RMS, with instructions on the ARC website. (Discovery Funding Rules 2018; A10.2.1/Linkage Funding Rules 2018; A11.2.1)

The ARC have advised that proposals which list a CI with an outstanding final report at the time of submission will be ruled ineligible.

Unfortunately, the administrative access our Office has in RMS does not allow us to verify the status of final reports for CIs from other institutions. Therefore, we strongly encourage the lead CI to ask each CI listed on their proposal to check the status of all final reports flagged in RMS, to ensure that eligibility requirements are met.  Final reports that are overdue for UON CIs must be completed as soon as possible and submitted to RMS no later than 3 weeks prior to the ARC closing deadline for the scheme under application.

Final report status can be found in RMS by selecting ‘Final Reports’ under ‘Applicant Project Management’.  This will lead to a page displaying the status and due date of all final reports for projects the CI is listed on.

We highly recommend that the lead CI asks each participating CI on their application to take a screenshot of the final report status page in RMS for their records, in the case of eligibility queries.


ARC website


Requests For Financial Support Package

In addition to ARC Funding the University of Newcastle and Faculties may provide an additional financial package to support the Future Fellowship applicants research environment.

All requests for a support package must be submitted to Research Services by 9am Thursday 17 November using the ‘FT17 UON Support Request Form’.

It is highly recommended that all requests for a UON Support Package are discussed with your Faculty Assistant Dean (Research) before submission, as all items must be fully justified using this form and endorsed by your Faculty ADR.

Strategic Statements Faculty Contacts

Please contact the following person within your Faculty to assist with preparing your Strategic Statement.

Please note that final Strategic Statements ready for DVC (R&I) signature must be submitted by your Faculty contact to the Research Office by 11 April 2016. Strategic Statements will be signed and returned to applicants to upload into their applications in RMS prior to the UON Deadline for Final Applications.

Faculty Contact
Business and Law Patrick Filmer-Sankey
T: (02) 4921 7865
Education and Arts Catherine Oddie
T: (02) 4921 7929
Engineering and Built Environment Jo Midwinter
(02) 4921 6826
Health and Medicine Shirley Savy
T: (02) 4921 5603
Science and Information Technology Jodi McLean
T: (02) 4921 7976

Further Information

For further information regarding the ARC Future Fellowships, please contact or phone on (02) 4921 7733.

RMS Access

RMS 2.0 allows researchers requesting funding under the ARC National Competitive Grants Program to prepare and submit proposals electronically via the internet.

Each proposal is completed by researchers and consists of an electronic document generated from a combination of data entered directly into the proposal form, and PDF documents attached to the proposal form in RMS 2.0.

Note: The Admin Organisation will be The University of Newcastle

The RMS Funding Announcement Page contains links to key documents such as:

  • Introduction to RMS 2.0 Login
  • Submitting a Proposal in RMS 2.0

All new applications as well as final reports will need to be submitted to RMS 2.0.

RMS minimum system requirements

RMS 2.0 is compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Compatibility with different browsers or older versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer is not guaranteed.

ARC Reporting

If you have a current ARC grant with outstanding reports, this may affect your eligibility for current ARC applications. Please see the ARC Reporting Requirements webpage.

Access to Successful Applications

Research Services can provide researchers with access to view successful applications where the lead Chief Investigator has provided consent.

Applications must be viewed in hard copy in the Research Services office or by arrangement at HMRI.

How to Arrange to View a Successful Application

Contact to request access to view successful applications for a specific scheme. Please include preferred date(s), time(s) and location.

Confirmation of the date, time and venue will be provided to you by Research Services staff.

Confidentiality and IP

Please note: In past rounds, the ARC warranted confidentiality. The Funding Rules now state "the ARC gives no undertaking to keep confidential any information provided in the Proposal except where required by law."

Due to this change we recommend that if submitting a research project with potential IP which could be patented/exploited or involves an Industry Partner which requires confidentiality, applicants should insert the following sentence at the start of the Project Description within their application:

"The following project is disclosed to the ARC in confidence for the purpose only of applying for ARC Funding."