Winning major prizes and awards is a way to build reputation as well as secure positive media attention.

Research Advantage

Overview of awards and prizes

Research awards and prizes is updated periodically.  Closing dates are indicated where known, however if unknown, I have used the date for the year before as an indication. 

The awards have been listed in chronological order of the closing date and covers a range of disciplines, so I encourage all researchers to flick through the entire list and flag in your diary (or with me) any awards you might be interested in applying for. 

I am available to assist you in applying for awards, in terms of gathering information, discussing strategy (nominators/referees), ensuring timelines and due dates are met, proof reading, formatting, fiddly admin tasks, and if needed, attempting a first draft to get you going.

Types of Awards

Awards contact

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Sally Gordon Sally Gordon
Project Officer
T: +61 2 4921 6930