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Policies, procedures and guidelines

The Animal Care and Ethics Committee (ACEC) is responsible for the consideration of ethical and welfare aspects as well as the scientific or educational value of the use of animals for research and teaching purposes. Visit the ACEC page for further information.

University Policies Relating to Animal Research

The following procedures are relevant to Researchers carrying out Animal Research. If you have any questions about any of these policies, please contact an Ethics Officer.

*As of February 2013, the Animal Care and Ethics Committee Procedure has been updated. The above PDF replaces the current ACEC Procedures document as well as the following procedure documents:

  • Effective Surveillance and Monitoring of Projects
  • Entry of Animals into Approved Protocols
  • Responsibilities of Chief Investigators
  • Modus Operandi, Communication and Reporting
  • Training and Professional Development of ACEC members.

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