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The UON Slingshot Accelerator Program Team are currently finalising the recruitment of entrepreneurs with killer start-up business ideas from the University community.

We're looking for mentors with a niche set of skills and contacts that can help our entrepreneurs break through roadblocks, work in an open and inclusive environment and be involved in all aspects of ideas and skills development.

Mentors to this program gain great benefits:

  • Access to early stage businesses, which may open various opportunities including investment, services supply and building an early advisor relationship
  • Exposure through traditional and social media channels
  • Invaluable industry experience and a unique resume inclusion
  • The chance to be directly involved in new ventures, innovation, job creation and economic growth in the Hunter and Australia.

Mentor Network

Mentors are defined into two categories:

Program Mentors

This is a group of hands-on mentors that will provide the learning components of the 12-week program, which commences across the University summer break from January to March 2014.

The program outline is based on the following categories:

Slingshot Program

There will be 2 program mentors for each program area. Mentors will be asked to provide a 1-day training workshop during the 12-week program and be available for follow up discussions directly and via the online closed forum as needed. For mentors outside of the region the program will pay for travel and subsistence costs.

Global mentors

Our global pool of mentors will be called upon infrequently to provide that one nugget of gold that helps a young business stay on track. These mentors may have one little idea that can help companies achieve a good fit between product and market and might also know the right person to take a specific question or idea to.

Do you have what it takes to become a great mentor?

Mentors often ask whether they have the right skills and experience. A proven success measure is somebody who actively participates in the forums and solves at least one key problem for applicants, such as:

  • Business models
  • Customer development
  • Cloud services such as AWS
  • Website design – UX and skill sets around designing effective sites
  • Investment strategies for start-ups
  • Investors / VC's
  • Mentors with investor networks / experience in raising funds

Mentors will ideally be:

  • A current or recent founder of a tech start-up that has gained significant traction
  • An expert in a field that applicants may need
  • Experienced in building, advising, coding, designing or investing in tech start-ups.

Applications for mentoring roles are open until mid January or until filled, whichever is sooner.

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About Slingshot

Slingshot is a high-tech accelerator that provides seed funding, a dynamic co-working space, and a mentoring program that nurtures skills and relationships to enable entrepreneurs to build a remarkable company.

Find out more about the UON Slingshot Accelerate Program or visit the Slingshot website.

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