Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) bids

The Program

The Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) program is an Australian Government Initiative administered by the Department of Industry. Established in 1990, the aim of the program is to improve the effectiveness of Australia's research effort through bringing together researchers in the public and private sectors with the end users.

The CRC Program supports industry led research partnerships between publicly funded researchers, business and the community to address major long term challenges. The program supports research collaborations across all disciplines and industry sectors.

For further information regarding the CRC program, please visit the CRC Program website or the CRC Association website.

Current CRCs

The University of Newcastle is a participant in the following current CRCs

University of Newcastle led CRC bids

The University of Newcastle is exploring interest in developing a number of CRC bids and is currently seeking partners for the following UON led bids:

Further Information

The University of Newcastle welcomes CRC partnership opportunities. Please contact the Research Development Team for further information.