Over $3.6 million in scholarships available for international PhD candidates. Applications close 31 August.

International future students

International PhD and Masters Scholarships

University and Commonwealth Government Scholarships

The University offers a number of postgraduate research scholarships to support international research candidates.

What does a scholarship offer?

A scholarship funded by the University of Newcastle or the Commonwealth Government provides:

  • An annual living allowance $25,392 p.a. (2014 rate). This amount is indexed annually.
  • A full tuition fee scholarship
  • Relocation and establishment allowance of up to $2,020
  • Overseas student health cover

Please note that the figures above would only support a single person and additional money will be required if you intend to bring any family members with you.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Successful scholarship candidates usually have:

  • An IELTS of at least 6.5
  • Honour class one or equivalent
  • An outstanding Grade Point average
  • A master degree with strong research component
  • International peer reviewed research publication or research experience

How do I apply?

Applicants apply for a scholarship as part of applying for admission by answering the relevant questions on the admission application form.

Your application for admission must include:

  • Certified copies of all academic transcripts
  • A research proposal
  • Evidence of extra academic attainments e.g. publications and research work experience
  • Certified evidence of meeting the English proficiency requirement

Please ensure you attach the following documents to support your scholarship application:

  • Copies of research publications, exhibitions or conference papers
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Details of previous research experience e.g. research work experience / study
  • Any additional documents that may add to your scholarship application e.g. evidence of the award of a University Medal
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Applications close 31 August at 4pm each year.

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What happens once I submit my application?
  • Applications are assessed and ranked according to merit 
  • Attendance at an interview is not normally required
  • Scholarship outcomes are known from mid December each year

Other Scholarships

External and project-based scholarships

Various other scholarships funded from external sources (eg research grants) are available throughout the year.

International Scholarships

There are a number of scholarships available to international students.

Need more information about scholarships?

T: +61 2 4921 7486
E: ResearchScholarships@newcastle.edu.au


The cost of your research degree

In order to dedicate the necessary time and energy to your research degree, you must have sufficient finances to cover your study and living costs. It is important to look carefully at your unique situation and assess the finances you will require to successfully complete your research degree.

The indicative annual cost of a research degree with the University of Newcastle is between AU$19,000 and AU$27,000 depending on your chosen degree.

Program Fees (PDF 36.5KB)

As an international student, you may receive sponsorship from your home government, university or employer.

Sponsorships recipients must compare their funding to the amount of money provided by University of Newcastle research scholarships, as living off less than this base rate is extremely difficult. Check if your sponsorship will cover tuition fees, health cover, allowances and living costs.

Please be aware that the University cannot provide any additional subsistence to research students who choose to come to Newcastle with insufficient funding.

To check what support is available for international research students, visit International Student Support.

Student Services and Amenities Fee

  • This fee is applicable to all students and money is used to improve student services offered by the University.
  • Please note that this fee is not covered by any research degree scholarship. Off-campus, online and distance students are also required to pay a service and amenities fee.
  • Find out more about SSAF.