We provide several induction programs to introduce you to your research higher degree at UoN.


Induction programs are useful as they provide you with information about:

  • the University's policies and practices
  • requirements of your research higher degree
  • information about the Library and other facilities and services available for postgraduate students

At least one of the induction options provided by the Office of Graduate Studies must be completed by all new research higher degree students, generally within six weeks of starting.

The options are:

Live induction sessions

Our live induction sessions provide an opportunity to ask questions and meet fellow candidates and relevant people from various administrative services and faculties. When you enrol, you'll be sent an email with information about the next available live session.

Online induction program

Our online induction program can be completed in addition to, or in place of, the live session. To access the online induction, log in to UoNline, go to the Blackboard tab. 'RHD Induction' will be listed on your course list. Instructions for completing the induction are available within the program.

Faculty-run induction sessions

You may also be invited to attend an induction session run by your faculty. At this session you will be provided with faculty and school policy and procedures related to research studies and you will be introduced to the faculty and school representatives. It is important for you to attend your faculty induction session as practices and expectations can vary between faculties.

Faculty or school staff will be responsible for settling you in, introducing you to members of the school and arranging your work space.

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