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International Conference

The China Road international conference

The China Road conference is sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Listen to, learn from and savour more than 100 papers. Join more than 50 leading scholars from China, who will travel to Newcastle to participate in the conference.

When: 13 to 15 August 2016

Where: Noah's on the Beach Hotel, Cnr Shortland Esplanade & Zaara Street, Newcastle, NSW, Australia


Registration: Online registration closes 12 August. However, registration will be available at the conference venue on 13 August.

Registration includes the costs of arrival tea and coffee on 13 August, and morning tea, conference lunches and afternoon tea on 14 and 15 August 2016. Registration fees also assist with the costs of venue hire, equipment and simultaneous English-Chinese translation.

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The China Road has a number of levels of meaning. It concerns China's distinct path in the modern world, a path that has also been called the 'Beijing Consensus' and 'socialism with Chinese characteristics', with deep historical roots and a broad basis in reality. It also refers to the new 'Belt and Road Initiative', which seeks to revitalise countries along and around the old Silk Road – a revitalisation that includes economic, cultural, social and educational dimensions. These levels of meaning continue to generate significant debate and discussion: is China's path distinct? If so, what are the features of this path? What role does China's distant and recent history play in such a path?

In this light, the conference will examine the China Road from a range of perspectives. These include philosophy, Marxism, economics, politics, society, education, culture, different forms of democracy, and international relations in the Asian Century. With an eye on past and present, the conference will also examine possible future developments. It will be undertaken in a supportive environment, seeking insight, understanding and constructive criticism.

The conference will involve keynote speakers and delegates from China and around the world giving panel and paper presentations.

Conference Program PDF (180 KB)

Book of Abstracts PDF (456 KB)

Keynote speakers

Professor Colin Mackerras keynote speaker at China Road conference

Professor Colin Mackerras

Professor Colin Mackerras of Griffith University, President of the Chinese Studies Association of Australia, has over 50 years of extensive experience in China and is a recognised expert on China-related studies, particularly Chinese drama, national minorities, Australian-Chinese relations and images of China in the West.

His keynote address is entitled: 'China, Central Asia and the Economic Belt.'

Professor Fan Jianxin

Professor Fan Jianxin (樊建新)

Professor Fan Jianxin (樊建新) is a researcher and Deputy Director at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

His keynote address is entitled: 'Marxism and the China Road (马克思主义与中国道路)'

Professor Feng Yanli

Professor Feng Yanli (冯颜利)

Professor Feng Yanli (冯颜利) is a Deputy Dean and Director of International Programs in the Academy of Marxism at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

His keynote address is entitled: 'The Contribution of the China Road to the World (中国道路的成功对世界的贡献)'

Professor Roland Boer

Professor Roland Boer

Professor Roland Boer is one of the most creative contemporary Marxist researchers. His research areas include, but are not limited to: political theory and religion, Marxism, theology and Biblical criticism. His signature series - Criticism of Earth, Criticism of Heaven, Criticism of Theology, etc. - have been published worldwide and translated into many languages, including Chinese. Professor Boer now focuses on research into the history, theory and practice of Chinese Marxism.

His keynote address is entitled: 'From Mao to Now: on Constructing a MOOC on Chinese Marxism'

Conference dinner and events

There will be a dinner and cultural tours held during the conference. Find out more.

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