UON researchers have attracted more than $8 million from the Australian Research Council (ARC) to support innovative research projects

ARC Funding Commencing in 2016

University of Newcastle as lead institution

PROJECT ID Chief Investigator Scheme Name Project Title Recommended Budget
DE160100623Dr Elizabeth Roberts-PedersenDiscovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)Unquiet Minds: Psychiatry in World War Two and its aftermaths$354,000
DE160100328Dr James HambletonDiscovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)Innovating earthmoving mechanics for next-generation infrastructure$350,000
DE160100191Dr David FarrugiaDiscovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)The Formation of Young Workers: A Multi Sited Study on the Periphery$334,237
DE160100675Dr Guo ChenDiscovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)Structural Vulnerability Analysis, Reinforcement and Defence for Smart Grid$308,386
IN160100011Professor Dennis FoleyDiscovery IndigenousAboriginal Economic Development: Impact of Indigenous Chambers Commerce$112,000
DP160100855Professor Mark StewartDiscovery ProjectsRisk-Based Decision-Making for Terrorism and Infrastructure Security$780,000
DP160101908Professor Robert MelchersDiscovery ProjectsLong-term corrosion of offshore steel structures in near-stagnant seawater$690,000
DP160101537Professor Jonathan BorweinDiscovery ProjectsRelaxed reflection methods for feasibility and matrix completion problems$564,979
DP160103140Associate Professor Olivier BuzziDiscovery ProjectsFragmentation of rocks upon impact$460,000
DP160101058Associate Professor Silvia FrisiaDiscovery ProjectsHydrological changes in Australia and the South Pacific$448,062
DP160102138Associate Professor Christopher KellettDiscovery ProjectsActivating Lyapunov-Based Feedback - Nonsmooth Control Lyapunov Functions$440,786
DP160100913Professor Mirka MillerDiscovery ProjectsSecurity and Privacy of Individual Data Used to Extract Public Information$435,000
DP160100486Dr Murray ElderDiscovery ProjectsThe language complexity of problems in algebra and logic$417,773
DP160101436Professor Mark JonesDiscovery ProjectsModelling of Slug Pneumatic Conveying with an In-situ Microprobe Sensor$405,000
DP160104095Professor Dr Shin-Chan HanDiscovery ProjectsLunar crustal structure from high-res gravity, topography, and seismic data$393,100
DP160101634Professor Graeme MurchDiscovery ProjectsInvestigation of Thermotransport in Liquid Metal Alloys$325,000
DP160102818Associate Professor Michael StockenhuberDiscovery ProjectsA novel route to produce olefin feedstock for Australia$320,000
DP160103922Dr Patrick TangDiscovery ProjectsDevelopment of structural-functional integrated concrete$290,000
DP160102360Dr Ami EidelsDiscovery ProjectsLearning from our mistakes: How and when complex decisions fail$224,565
DP160101527Professor Hugh CraigDiscovery ProjectsFolio Shakespeare texts and their Quarto and Octavo antecedents$192,645
LE160100234Associate Professor Andrew FlemingLinkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities (LIEF)Facility for Nanometer Scale Microscopy, Characterization, and Fabrication$155,000