The Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment is the gateway to environmental resarch and teaching at the University of Newcastle. The Centre's vision is to hel


Tim RobertsProfessor Tim Roberts

Professor Tim Roberts is the Director of The Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment.

Professor Roberts took up the position of Director, following the completion of his tenure as Dean of Research at JCU Singapore. His previous tenure was as inaugural Dean of the Singapore campus of the University of Newcastle, Australia.

In line with his appointment as Conjoint Professor in Biology he continues to be active in research in the laboratory of his long-time collaborator, Associate Professor Hugh Dunstan, at the University of Newcastle. He has published 100 papers.

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Belinda McNab Belinda McNab

Belinda has been with the Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment since soon after it began in 2006. She is responsible for the design and layout of all publications and advertising materials, organisation of Forums and Community Engagement activities, as well as looking after the financial and administrative functions of the Institute.

"Since I began working at the Institute in 2006, I have seen it go from strength to strength, and in 2010, we have engaged more with the Region than ever before, a trend that I see continuing in the years to come".

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Dr Gary EllemDr Gary Ellem

Dr Gary Ellem received his PhD in Biophysics from the University of Newcastle (Australia) and followed on to lecture in Biology and Ecology. Now working for Crucible Carbon, he has been seconded to The Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment as Project Manager for the Carbon Valley 2050 project.

His recent work has focussed on modelling and analysis of the scale and economics of alternative energy, sequestration and land management systems, as well as the development of innovative biomass technologies such as microalgae.

His doctoral studies were focused on the biophysics of shell shape in molluscs and he holds IP in a number of fields including radio position finding techniques, the thermal processing of biomass and photobioreactor design for the mass cultivation of microalgae.

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Dr Steven LucasDr Steven Lucas

Steven has over 10 years of experience in sustainable water (and soil) management and has contributed to the development of water systems understanding. Dr Lucas has been involved in (with the aim of optimising systems):

  • Analysis of centralised and decentralised water supply systems (sources, treatment, delivery to users and disposal)
  • Analysis of centralised and decentralised wastewater treatment systems (conveyance, treatment and disposal/reuse)
  • Analysis of centralised and decentralised stormwater systems (retention, detention, discharge peaks and volumes); including WSUD principles aimed at promoting infiltration to soil storage and groundwater
  • Developing sustainable approaches to sourcing fit-for-purpose water at the point-of-use and integration of available mains water, rainwater, stormwater and wastewater systems, and
  • Water quality, irrigation practices and soil/water dynamics

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Danielle Lloyd PrichardDanielle Lloyd-Prichard

Creative and results-driven engagement professional with an 18-year record of achievement in coordinating, developing, promoting, delivering and evaluating environmental sustainability programs across the Northern Territory and Hunter Region of Australia. Excellent skills in communicating, inspiring and motivating others to implement simple solutions to complex environmental issues using a hands-on, lead by example management style which fosters a culture of teamwork, shared mission and dedication to excellence and the environment.

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