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Bruce PetersenBruce Petersen (Chair)

Bruce Petersen is the Environmental Services Manager for Port Stephens Council where he manages Council's regulatory and environmental resources sections.

Before joining Council, he was the Environmental Manager of Hunter Water Corporation where he was responsible for developing management systems, reporting mechanisms and relationships with external agencies and groups to help incorporate environmental management into mainstream business decisions.

Port Stephens Council website

Cameron ArcherDr Cameron Archer

Dr Cameron Archer is the Principal of Tocal College and Director of the Tocal Agricultural Centre at Paterson. He is an agronomist by training and has been involved with the management and operation of the Tocal College and property for most of his career. Cameron has a Degree in Agriculture Science from the University of Sydney with educational degrees from the University of Newcastle.

Cameron has strong interests in environmental and local history as well as extensive experience in agricultural matters across the State. His current responsibilities involve the leadership of agricultural education and training throughout NSW with campuses based at Paterson in the Hunter Valley and Murrumbidgee Rural Studies Centre in the Riverina.

Cameron has written a large number of articles and publications associated with agriculture, the environment, local and agricultural history and education. He is currently undertaking doctoral studies in environmental history and ecosystem health.

Tocal College Website

Prof. Allyson Holbrook profile imageProfessor Allyson Holbrook

Professor Holbrook has a research background in Educational Assessment and Evaluation, the History and Futures of Education, the History of Youth Transition and Workplace Education and Studies in Higher Education. She has a long record of teaching research methods, with a particular emphasis on qualitative methods, and of supervising research students and mentoring research staff.

Professor Allyson Holbrook's researcher profile

Wej ParadiceDr Wej Paradice

Doctor Wej Paradice is the Chair of the Hunter and Central River Catchments Management Authority.  He has served as the Director of Research and CEO of The Hunter Valley Research Foundation since 1986, successfully maintaining the Foundation's profile and reputation in international research circles and participating in projects with affiliated organisations in the United States. Wej also serves as Chairman of the Hunter River Salinity Trading Operations Committee and Hunter River Management Committee.

Wej has extensive research experience in economic, business and social issues and has a vision of achieving positive on-ground change and a devotion to innovation in natural resource management.

Hunter Valley Research Foundation website