Are you and RHD student interested in learning how to use qualitative research software? The highly successful NVivo workshops continue in 2013.

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In 2013 Dr Jennifer StGeorge continues her very successful training program for QSR N.Vivo qualitative research software for RHD candidates.

Contributing to the success of the workshops is that variations in participant experiences are integrated into the program and opportunities are provided for students to explore their own data.

The course is constructed with keen attention to the balance between teaching of the software and the research process. That is to say, we are not proposing you do your research according to the software! Instead, we guide you through the software by the research process itself – the research design and questions, collecting and organising your data, analysing and searching the data, and recording your reflections and tentative conclusions.

Your ideas about research drive the project

  • The program holds documents, tables and images inside documents; audio files and videos and images.
  • You can include descriptive data in a dedicated file.
  • You can create several and various categories of coding.
  • You can search for combinations of codes and raw data.
  • You can make links and hierarchies of individual and group items through the use of folders, sets, nodes, relationship nodes and models.
  • You can collect and export statistical data about your project.
  • You can collect and export coding reports and summaries
  • Your ideas about research drive the project

 A very comprehensive and easy to understand manual with instructions, screen shots and worked examples is provided to guide through the workshop and as a reference for the future.

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