Research Group

Human Experimental and Applied Dynamics

At its most general level, the Human Experimental and Applied Dynamics Research Group studies the dynamics of complex human behaviour.

Many of society's greatest problems have a foundation in behavioural questions. Real-world behavioural systems are usually made up of a large number of agents that interact in varying ways, leading to complex behaviour that is difficult to understand.

Mathematical and computational advances have made such complex behaviour easier to model and simulate, increasing our ability to predict and manage behavioural outcomes.

At a regional and national level, research from the HEAD group contributes to the productivity and safety of Australian citizens.


The issues addressed by the HEAD research range from basic to applied research.

Specific cognitive topics include cognitive development, response time in choice tasks, absolute identification, speed-skill acquisition, recognition memory. Specific perception topics include odours perceptions and odour-taste interaction.

Specific personality topics include personality structure and assessment, measurement of ethical behaviour and value-directed behaviour. Specific social topics include intergroup relations, social cognition, stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination.

Applied foci include human factors in aviation, 3D interpretation of drawings, and selection of professional students.

Group members

Dr Stefania Paolini (Group facilitator)
Prof Andrew Heathcote
A/Prof John Prescott
A/Prof Scott Brown
Dr Ami Eidels
Dr Darren Burke
Dr Kerry Chalmers
Dr Mark Rubin
Dr Miles Bore
Ken Sutton
Kirstie Carrick