About us

Hosted by NIER, The NSW Energy Innovation Knowledge Hub will address local industry challenges by creating new opportunities and market access for clean and efficient energy technologies, creating a collaborative culture and increasing competitiveness and productivity through knowledge transfer.

The NSW energy industry makes a major contribution to the State's economy in terms of business activity, investment, regional development, job creation and export revenue. Energy produced in NSW is distributed through electricity and gas utilities and together with water and waste utilities, represents 2.7% of Gross State Production (GSP) or $12.7 billion.

Whilst there are significant challenges such as meeting the growing demand for clean and efficient energy, there are also opportunities to grow the industry by building collaborative relationships that better engage with businesses across sectors.

Key objectives for the hub include:

New Market for Clean and Efficient Energy Technologies

The Hub aims to foster a new energy sector to answer the demand for localised, efficient and clean energy services and technologies. The Hub will provide a platform for industry collaboration, industry-linked innovation and the tools to address and overcome local sector challenges. The creation of this new market and ability to provide localised energy technologies to consumers will be enabled by the state's continued deregulation and privatisation of its energy infrastructure. This new market will also create the potential for NSW to export newly developed energy technologies to better meet the global demand for clean and efficient energy use.

Enabling Collaboration

One of the objectives of this Hub is to boost the innovation investment of SMEs and provide new tools and services to enable Australian businesses to invest, create export opportunities, innovate and grow. The development of an industry strategy will help facilitate the continual innovation needed to position Australia as a provider of new technologies in a highly competitive international market.

The Hub will aid the necessary involvement of SMEs in this new market through the provision of services in partnership with business chambers and through the use of existing NSW government programs. These services will include providing SMEs with links to innovation and knowledge providers, access to venture capital and assisting in managing the mechanisms of collaboration.

Forming a Collaborative Culture and Network

The Hub will build a culture for collaboration and information transfer by holding a yearly energy conference involving a broad range of small to large energy providers, suppliers, buyers, users and research organisations, with the key aim to disseminate information and best practice across the industry.

The Hub will bring together a fragmented industry by building on existing networks and industry investment in energy research, leveraging the partnership between Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER) and CSIRO and connect to other research institutions and energy businesses across the state to further the collaborative innovation process.

Competitiveness and Productivity through Knowledge Transfer

The Hub will enable the energy sector to address competiveness and productivity concerns through supporting the creation of innovative business management processes and dissemination of best practice solutions and information.  To maintain international and local competitiveness, the Hub will also will also provide members with access to information on global capital and supply chain markets.