The Centre for Gender, Health and Ageing focuses on the individual and social factors that affect the health and well-being of men and women as they age, and the ways in which communities and organisations respond to an ageing population.

Priority Research Centre for


  • Encouraging Best Practice in Aged Care (EBPAC) Program
    This project supported the development and implementation of best practice nutrition and hydration practice in nine residential aged care facilities throughout NSW, using a Participatory Action Research approach.
    The EBPAC Toolkit contains education material designed to guide and assist residential aged care facilities to develop and implement strategies to prevent malnutrition and enhance the pleasure of eating for their residents. It was developed by the Priority Research Centre for Gender, Health and Ageing on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health & Ageing.
  • Prevention of falls in residential aged care (PDF 1.7MB)
  • Mars and Venus Conference - July 9 and 10, 2007 (PDF 922KB)
    On July 9 and 10, 2007, The University of Newcastle's Research Centre for Gender Health and Ageing and the Australian Association of Gerontology (NSW Division and Hunter Chapter), in collaboration with the ARC/NHMRC Research Network in Ageing Well (Healthy Ageing Theme) presented the "Mars and Venus: Does Gender Matter in Ageing?" conference.
  • Women and arthritis: the burden of suffering for older Australian women (PDF 99KB)
    The broad aim of this research was to explore the burden of suffering (physical and mental) associated with arthritis and musculoskeletal symptoms in older women, and the management of these conditions over a period of six years, from a secondary analysis of Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health data.
  • Depression among women in the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health (PDF 112KB)
    By using data collected from the ALSWH and linking it with Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme data for the years 2002-2005, this project also allows for detailed prospective analyses of the health services and medications used by older women with depression, and the outcomes of these treatments.
  • Cooking for 1 or 2 (PDF 391KB)
    Prepared by the Research Centre for Gender, Health and Ageing for submission to the Department of Veterans' Affairs, September 2006
  • Continence Resources Expert Review Report (PDF 1.2MB)
    Continence Health Promotion and Awareness Raising Project Report - May 2006
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