Deadly streaming

Following the successful Healing Foundation Deadly Dads project (2011-2013) the FAC is now managing a similar HEPPP funded project called Deadly Streaming. The new Deadly Streaming project will support and encourage students to remain engaged in their education by providing cultural connection activities which also include their parents and /or extended families.

The Deadly Streaming project will continue to work with children in the primary school years 5 & 6 by mentoring them and engaging their parents in the school community. The project team are also working with children from years 7 & 8 at Irrawang High to support them during their initial transition years into High School.

The Deadly Dads project was a three year collaboration between FAC and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation and two Schools as Community Centres at Fennel Bay and Irrawang Public Schools. 

The project delivered specific culturally appropriate support to Indigenous fathers to enhance their fathering experience, strengthen their fathering knowledge and skills and promote a positive self-image for Aboriginal men who had parenting responsibilities. It was based on strategies recommended by the Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC) regarding the building of parenting capacity in Indigenous communities.

The National Indigenous Education Action Plan (NIEAP) has highlighted the importance of the time around the transition to high school when school attendance is likely to fall away for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. The Deadly Streaming project is designed to help these children succeed in education at a time when they are most likely to lose their drive and enthusiasm to succeed.

NIEAP states that "To avoid the continual loss of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander talent in the transition from primary to high schools, it is imperative that we create 'dedicated' high school environments of excellence. Such schools will need to establish student support mechanisms in co-operation with their primary feeder schools and parents."

Deadly Streaming FamilyDeadly Streaming young girl