HEPPP funded project called Deadly Streaming.



Our Family and Community Programs are managed by Kerrell Bourne. After working for one of Australia's largest non-government family support organisations (The Smith Family), Kerrell came to The University of Newcastle in 2001. Since then she has collaborated with several government departments and local non-government organisations and develops very successful outreach partnerships.

In 2010 her work in the community sector in the Hunter region was acknowledged when she was a finalist in the University of Newcastle's 'Alumni Award for Exceptional Community Service'.

In 2013, Kerrell successfully implemented a new outreach project with local high schools to encourage the uptake of tertiary education of students from low socio economic backgrounds.

Kerrell coordinates our voluntary home visiting program and manages the Hunter Outreach Project. She oversees and promotes a perinatal health project with marginalised families, and develops and manages a respite program for families living with a child with a rare disorder.

Kerrell also lectures in Volunteering and wrote the first University of Newcastle undergraduate course in Volunteering Perspectives and Management.


Home-start supports families (with at least one child under five years) in the Newcastle and East Lake Macquarie areas.

Our Program Coordinator links trained volunteers with a family.

Volunteers work on a one-to-one basis and provide practical support and friendship to a family through regular home visits.

Volunteers are selected for their parenting experience, caring attitudes and ability to relate to others.


The SNUG program provides retreats for families caring for a child with a rare health condition.

SNUG is coordinated through the Family Action Centre at The University of Newcastle and is funded by the Steve Waugh Foundation.


The Uni4You project is designed to address educational disadvantage by engaging adults (aged over 20) in a suite of activities that foster engagement and encourage enrolment in the University's Open Foundation program.

Hunter Outreach ProjectHunter Outreach Project

Hunter Outreach Program is a unique mobile support service offering a range of activities & assistance to families in the lower Hunter region of NSW. All services are offered free to families who require some extra support.

We work to build upon existing community and family strengths by fostering positive family and community relationships.

Indigenous Indigenous

Following the successful Healing Foundation Deadly Dads project (2011-2013) the FAC is now managing a similar HEPPP funded project called Deadly Streaming.